Your replays – Hetzer? + more giveaway winners

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with wilko4135.

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  1. Horst Günther Ludolf

    i wanna also mention the phenomenal camo-value of the hetzer.
    even better than e25 or amx13 90!
    but viewrange is just a joke.

  2. Thanks for taking the trouble to get my replay on your channel, I tried the
    Derp 105mm, but with only 20 rnds I once ran out of ammo in an encounter
    match and tried to ram to death a KV-1, guess who came second…! I had a
    game in the FCM36 pak 40 earlier in the day on Province, it’s also on
    Quickybaby’s replay site – 7 kills for that game, patrolling the ridge and
    not too much camping

  3. Thanks for a great video (Patch 9.9 origins not withstanding) on what was
    my first “real” TD from any line. I’ve always found it amusing that the
    vehicle was never OFFICALLY named the Hetzer and but for an
    administrative/shipping error involving service manuals etc., might have
    been relegated to history as a vehicle with a number that nobody could
    remember without crib notes. Soldiers, ANY nations soldiers, have a habit
    of naming their gear. I recall a certain modern MBT nicknamed “The Fourteen
    Million Dollar Dippsy Dumpster” (though that nickname did not last), an
    assault rifle called the “Mickey Mattel” (again did not stick once
    several improvements were made), and two jet fighter bombers referred to
    by their crews, both ground and air, as “Ground Hogs” and “Dirt Daubers”
    for their tendencies to auger in when flying low and fast (both of those
    planes are long gone from service and are not missed by anybody). The
    “Hetzer” may have been misnamed in the field by the men who used it and
    those that called upon it for antitank support thanks to a
    clerical/shipping error but whoever heard of the E-10?…A Hetzer gotta
    Hetz! I think I’ll knock the dust off mine and play a few matches with it
    today. Take care and keep up the great work.

  4. thehairymonkeytoo

    Hetzer is definitely more fun with the derp gun… Looking forward to some
    more ‘Is it worth it?’ videos!

  5. Not sure what to say, still so tired from this weekend.

  6. Apahidean George Laurentiu

    I hope I win.

  7. Ok ok rebought the Hetzer ;)

  8. The Hetzer looks like a hedgehog to me.
    (no game)

  9. Hey i want to win a key aswell, been commenting forever but can win one!

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