Your replays – IS-6 / WZ-111

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Source: osirish

with kapetanJageta and rubbara.

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  1. Don’t forget you could actually buy tokens/tickets for each nation during
    the event for the wz 111. If I recall it would have cost around 70 euros
    for the whole tank from the shop

  2. Procrastinator7

    Maybe tanks should have a horn so you can honk at people to get out of your
    way when you are chased. On the other hand, the cacophony at the start of
    the game when every kid has to try out their horn would be brutal!

  3. Great matches as always :)

  4. psychedelic fang

    When you said the is6 will be removed from the game didn’t you mean the
    premium store as if they do remove it that will only be from the store

    • +psychedelic fang WG have said they are removing tanks that have special
      matchmaking. They have already removed some and the IS-6 is supposed to be
      on the list too.

    • +psychedelic fang yes, it’s from the store / in game research tree.
      They can’t removed tanks which have been purchased with real money from the
      game : it will be an act of war …

    • +osirish WG will remove tanks with special matchmaking from the store. But
      I can’t believe that they remove them from the players garage since the
      people spent real money for them. So these tanks stay in game. Only players
      that do not have them can’t buy them in future.

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