Your replays – KV-1 / KV-220

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Source: osirish

Double Pools with Inverse_IV and Johnas93.

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  1. wow, never had a game like this in my KV-220, it was really entertaining to
    Usually, KV-1S or KV-85 put an end to my journey really quickly.

  2. Your right on with the KV-1, KV-220 and mentioned the T-127 all great
    Tanks. Only trouble with the 220 is the turret. I find by tier 5 everyone
    knows to shoot hull as turret usually good not the case in 220 as you know.
    I think it being so rare (which is good) that most new players don’t know
    how to deal with it. Had so much fun with 220 and 127 in both tanks it
    seems to be I just angle you sit there and bounce off me, I kill you and
    you rage…

  3. Sam Packinpah was a classical composer

    I bought KV-220 on the strength of your review and have played almost 100
    battles with 80% (!) win ratio! In one battle, that I regret for not
    recording it, I had 100/100 base defense/capture points – defender and
    invader, destroyed 7 tanks, bounced 3 k damage and had top gun, high
    caliber and steel wall!

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