Your replays – Luchs / AMX 12t

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Source: osirish

Some mid-tier light with giannisST96 and Segen_Warrior.

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  1. Seven is the best beucuse the another one died hahaha Lol send a replay to
    me maybe you will wait some weeks before the replay will be uploaded I have
    other videos to upload

  2. Christopher Harper

    The horror of the 12t makes you a great light player! ELC AMX is like
    heaven, but to get into that, wow.
    You have to really anticipate, and learn to not waste time, and use the
    folds of the map to boost gun depression. I also used it to reverse poke as
    your gun depression is better in reverse, and you only expose a little of
    your hull.
    It is good you put that one up, there are really no replays of that tank,
    and it causes a great desperation amongst a player grinding to find ways to
    do well in that tank. I might suggest finding some more to get you some
    Luchs, what can you say about that little beast? That whole line is
    amazing. At the Awful Panther now and haven’t really gotten the hang of it.
    You got any for that tank? Not prok though, got that map down..

  3. Re 12:13 Most don’t and prefer it shaved.

  4. I am new to 12t, only got into Frenchies after grinding the Polar Bear Crew
    to two perks. Maxed out except for radio. Gave it a try. OMG what a piece
    of junk! It is not just the gun elevation, it is the alleged elevation
    combined with the gun aiming at a speed of tectonic plates and accuracy on
    move of a drunk blind person holding the gun backwards. This will not be an
    easy grind.

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