Your replays – M41 Bulldog vs. T71

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Source: osirish

With Havoc199 and Mirdwen.
Video size was corrupting so had to upload in lower resolution than normal. Sry.

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  1. Nice video. I own and play both of these and they are both a riot. For some
    reason that I can’t explain I like the T71 better though lol.

  2. excellent replays WOW :)

  3. They are both good tanks but i Think that the bulldog looks better!

  4. He got the action, he got the motion
    Yeah the boy can play
    Dedication devotion
    Turning all the night time into the day

  5. Personally I prefer the T71 for one reason, a lot of the time you aren’t
    perceived as an immediate threat and even when spotted seem to get ignored
    where as with the bulldog the moment you get lit an entire teams guns will
    turn towards you because people seem more aware of the amount of havoc a
    bulldog can deal out.

  6. I wish I could play light tanks like that, I guess that I will just have to
    dream on.

  7. Wow those guys knows how to play…

  8. Great Video,in my opinion the m41 bulldog is better.

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