Your replays – M6/ARL 44 (now with added rant!)

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Source: osirish

with Anonymous_VA …. and a bit of a rant!

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  1. lazy ass cappers , some times cap is good for missions like do 50% damage
    for platoon and win

  2. Only reason I am now trying hard to cap is that stupid requirement in the
    personal missions arrgh hate it cannot complete it – Otherwise would never
    cap – So I realise this 1 wasn’t pers mission but WG put the stupid
    requirement In the Game as a mission so forget the rant as people have the
    example set. Mate It is not your call people will play as they see fit and
    just cause u don’t agree is inconsequential – Remember it only ruined that
    players game not theirs!

  3. Second guy on cap is not to be blamed. Seeing a first guy cap, he felt he
    was too slow to get to the fight before the first guy caps so he could
    either leave cap and give 100% cap points to the first guy or at least
    salvage some cap points. As for the first guy… no excuses …

  4. The 105mm on the ARL-44 has .5 rounds per minute less rate of fire than the
    top 90mm DCA 45. Additionally it has the same aim time, .03 worse
    accuracy, 10 less rounds of ammo, and a whopping 47 mm less penetration.
    Literally the only advantage it has is the 60 to 90 (if firing premium)
    extra alpha damage. It’s perfectly serviceable when you’re top tier, but
    it’s a crap, crap gun when facing tier 8s.

  5. NinjaMonkeyPrime

    I’d like to take the unpopular opinion on the capping issue. I think you
    have your opinion because you and others are very good players. You asked
    “how often does that happen” when capping would win the game? Well, for you
    probably not often. But for us barely average players very often. If I were
    able to carry a game like you then I might look at the situation
    differently. But try to imagine you can’t carry the game and then add in
    maybe you don’t have xvm installed. So now you might still say the odds
    favor you but you don’t know if there is a super unicum in that mix. Plus,
    when you are average at best in this game you DO see many games thrown
    because “no cap kill all” idiots.

    Here’s one last thought. Again, since you are a really good player you
    probably don’t have long losing streaks. But in the mid tiers the average
    players who can’t carry can go on a huge losing streak. If all you want to
    do is play a few games and score a few daily doubles, it can quickly turn
    to suffering as time goes by and you can’t get that first win. I have gone
    for a certain cap before because I just wanted to end the game and move on
    to another tank after a horrible losing streak.

    If I had your skill than yes I can see almost never going for a cap. But
    for the rest of us, it can look like a really good deal at times.

  6. 14:20 – Each team member gets roughly 20 XP for each enemy killed even if
    one does not spot or actually do the damage.
    14:48 – Each team member shares XP for each enemy damaged even if one does
    not spot or actually do the damage.

    Having great trust in your veracity, I do not doubt the above information,
    but it certainly is news to me. However, I would like to reference the
    source of this information when in matches to get people off of cap. I
    think people cap because nobody knows the two rules above. As far as I can
    tell, they are certainly not on the World of Tanks Wiki where they should
    You can hardly blame folks for not knowing these rules if Wargaming does
    not publish them. So, where are these rules stated? I need to know to
    convince folks. I will have some text ready to paste into chat next time
    there are needless cappers.

    • +Forest The 20xp bonus per kill is not stated anywhere by WG, and the exact
      bonus is unknown per kill, but tests that were run by various clans showed
      it was about 20xp per kill, they posted the results in the forums. I do
      have the link somewhere, but need to dig it up. There is no bonus for
      killing “all” the enemy tanks, but there is a bonus per kill. So 15 kills
      is worth more than 14.

      Team performance factor – XP Coefficient based on the total damage
      inflicted to the enemy team by your team (in the link you posted) … ie.
      the more damage your team does, the more xp you get. A specific bonus for
      “killing all enemy tanks” does not exist, but as listed above, the entire
      team receives more XP the more damage to enemy tanks is inflicted by the
      team (see “Team performance factor”

  7. Procrastinator7

    I’ve never heard of this xp sharing thing, that the whole team gets a bonus
    for kills and damage

  8. I don’t mind the rant, and I do feel your pain man. But think about this
    when you start scripting that guide you’ve mentioned…
    You will need no script for it, because even this rant was way too complex
    for your average “capper” to understand. All you need is something to
    squirt water in their face, and some candy, in case they one of them makes
    a stunning breakthrough revolutionary progress. Oh and a cage.
    I’d finish with a smiley to put emphasis on humor over sarcasm… But they
    capped too soon. >.>

    • +icupid69 Actually it wasn’t too difficult even for a 53% scrub like me.
      Osirish explained the pitfalls and disadvantages of capping very well,
      first time it’s explained properly to me. I look forward to his capping
      guide as long as he doesn’t shout too much. Capping is extremely
      situational and to paraphrase Sun Tzu “A player who knows when to cap and
      when not to will always get more XP”.

  9. When it comes to capping im going to add another reason to cap, which is if
    your team have no chance in finding the last tank. example = 3x KV2 v 1x
    T37, in this case I would say yes the KV2’s SHOULD cap rather than waste
    time trying to chase down the T37.

  10. that IS was a Plai4Fun™ player… veri gud veri stronk

  11. Phew, i’m glad I didn’t fall into any of those categories!

  12. Dreadshells Gaming

    Grats on 2,500 subs Irish!

    I remember when i was really new to World of Tanks and grinding the
    american heavies, i was at the T1 Heavy, and everyone was telling me that I
    wouldn’t like the M6. I don’t know why, I liked the M6 when i ground to the
    T29, reliable gun.

    I must confess, I’ve been having problems raging at pubbies recently over
    little dumb things like that. I had been doing good not getting frustrated
    for a while, and just trying to play my game, but there’s just something
    inside me that just goes nuts when i see things like that…. It’s like
    listening to someone sing off-key….

  13. Lancelod Mangrove

    Maybe they had finish this mission?
    You have to cause 1.000 dmg and win by capping.

    • +Lancelod Mangrove Its a 9.5 replay

    • Dreadshells Gaming

      +Lancelod Mangrove Irish specifically stated in the video that it was a 9.5
      replay, therefore there were no personal missions in the game then.

    • +Lancelod Mangrove Osirish showed that it was a 9.5 replay and if you were
      paying attention the IS only had 700 dmg done but it is irrelevant do to
      the 9.5 version.

    • Lancelod Mangrove

      +Lancelod Mangrove ahaha…..9.5 replay. Ok. the missions were introduced
      in 9.6? or 9.7? So, no excuse for the IS driver 😛

  14. Horst Günther Ludolf

    the ARL44 goldammo on the 105mm actualy gives u +10% dmg (330) so
    especially in clanmatches it is an interessting option.
    btw. i know players who dispite there WN8 of 1000+ deactivated the chat
    so sometimes no wonder if the “bob´s” even cant read.

  15. Using the 105 on the ARL premium ammo gets increased pen AND increased
    alpha (300 std -> 330 prem). That continues on for that gun on other
    French tanks: M4 mle 45, S35 CA, and ARL v39 off the top of my head.

    The accuracy on the 105 is a little derpy though. Seems like every 3rd or
    4th shot flies off in a random direction.

    Lol the rant on the IS 😀 “he’s a moth and that cap is a very bright

  16. Sir Osis of Liver

    So salty! 🙂
    I completely agree though. Frustrating when your team is winning by 3+
    tanks and someone caps out.

  17. I agree, I hate when teams cap in absurd situations. It’s like “Oh you want
    more EXP and credits? Well fuck you because I don’t care, I’m a selfish
    bastard who thinks because I did crap, the rest of my team should do crap.”

  18. DougsterCanada1

    LOL “Now with added rant!”… Love it! I really enjoy your humor! I have
    driven on to CAP when my team is winning, to put pressure on surviving
    enemy tanks. However, when I see it’s an easy win, I will drive off, reset,
    then drive back on. I do this when I have a slow or heavily damaged tank.
    Sometimes I even draw the survivors back into the CAP area and get a kill
    (or two). I do take your point though. :)

  19. Nice Osirish, ben following since 1000 subs, plz announce when you

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