Your replays – M7 / AMX 50B

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Source: osirish

with sherby45343 and brynje!

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  1. I often use the M7 for passive scouting – view range is exceptional (390 I
    think) and camo is good. Gun is not accurate and trading shots doesn’t work
    well at any range – due to low health. But you can often get 2-3 shots in
    before anyone shoots back. So nice for the later stages of the game. Pain
    to Play with low Crew skill thought. Camo is must

  2. i agree with the gold ammo opinion but all the damage he did with premium
    ammo could have been done without a single shot of premium ammo
    great video anyway;)

  3. M7 has 380m view range 🙂
    9.3+ caffee 390m view range
    M4 sherman has 370m

  4. I really hate 400 damage auto loaders this shows exactly why. Very wp tho.

  5. I’ll do the same thing with loading premium at the beginning. But usually
    it’s in tanks with low penetration though such as the T69. My thinking is
    that I am almost guaranteed to get my 4 shots to penetrate so if I get
    killed right after I will at least have done that 1000 damage or whatever
    it is. I feel like its a good thing to do with autoloaders especially

  6. Thanks Irish. I always look forward to your vids.

  7. nice video Irish :)

  8. I don’t really think Gold Ammo is necessary on any T10 tank (accept E 100).
    The pen on the normal rounds is perfectly fine. Also, second to comment.
    Osirish is being dirty

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