Your replays – Ode to the Hellcat

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Source: osirish

With jack1011edwards and AustnW.

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  1. Epic TD brutally raped by SerB and co, other epic mid-tier US TDs: M8A1,
    T40 and T67 all to be nerffed next patch, can’t have the world too
    dangerous for retards driving ruskie heavy tanks ya know? Otherwise we
    might experience a shortage of tomatoes in IS-7s and we obviously can’t
    have that now, can we? 

  2. What a heartbreak, I didnt expect that Os. It’s so difficult to make those
    win or lose dicisions and the end. Maybe he shouldnt trade shots with the
    BP but when your heart is in your throat it’s hard to make choices.
    I like these replays when plYers are defending, counter attacking and
    accordingly defending cap.

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