Your replays – Panther II / ISU-152

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Source: osirish

First video on the new pc and it isn’t easy with one monitor! Sound too loud, too low etc? Feedback appreciated.

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  1. Only problem with the vid imo is sound being a bit too low (your voice)
    rest seems to be good

  2. Heyy Os nice to see you again 🙂 


  4. Audio seems okay to me @osirish. Glad to see you found a new pc. I hope you
    didn’t get set back too much financially with having to get a new one :/.
    Good to see you back sir. And I hope you have a Merry Christmas :).

  5. welcome back

  6. Good to see you’re back! Sound is nice, video has a low resolution; looks
    like 360p?
    Next week I’m on vacation so unfortunatly I can’t watch your 9.5 stream. :(

  7. Sorry your computer died, but it’s good to have you back. Hope you keep
    making videos.

  8. Nice to see a replay and you up and running!
    I wanted to perhaps have you revisit the shots to which you are blaming
    accuracy and reconsider.
    The panther shots he aimed low on all three. The shots went pretty close to
    where he was aiming. Just like you mentioned with the last one it looked as
    if he was shooting lower glacias but didn’t have to, perhaps he is in the
    habit of aiming low to where it is a weak spot as lower hull is a great
    place to be aiming, just above the middle of the roadwheel, but really it
    is cutting it close.
    The second being with the ISU 152 @18:55, you must understand that if you
    flinch your barrel you lose accuracy. Not only because of server side
    reticle lag (which that mod is highly recommended), but also because you
    lose accuarcy because of turret/gunbarrel traverse (Snap shot skill
    improves). He never really let his reticle settle there.
    These are some areas I have been working on real hard in order to be able
    to improve my accuracy and have improved signifigently, regardless of
    weapon, even with arty.
    Everything sound wise seems balanced. The resolution doesn’t quite look as
    good for some reason even at 1080p.
    Merry tanksmas buddy!

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