Your replays – Panther / T69 (1.5k Subscriber Giveaway Special : Day 9)

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Source: osirish

Medium action with cjacey and MisterMalik.

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  1. Lights :D

  2. Fast mediums for me, please. Good mobility coupled with decent firepower,
    all the way :D

  3. Heavies for me, second is td’s.

  4. Light tanks, FTW!

  5. Mediums all the way! Nice speed guns and allright armor and offcourse
    theres a t54 which has it all!

  6. Heavies, because my brain just works too slowly to command a fast medium or
    light, and arty is also not my thing ;)

  7. Mediums/ Tds

  8. Heavies all the way! 

  9. I prefer the mediums however I need to know how to play them better. :)

  10. Medium or Heavy.

  11. sabaton ghostdivision

    medium tanks and i hope u will be ok wish all the best osirish !!!

  12. Light Tanks, so much fun, easy to deal damage with, can spot for days AND
    dat camo rating.
    Off Topic: Just won a 64 man ESL tournament of 1v1s with a 90% crew T32,

  13. Heavies

  14. Fun games to watch, thanks Irish, and thanks cjacey and Malik!

  15. SPG!

  16. My favorite class of tanks are HT.

  17. Generally I prefer heavy tanks but recently I have excelled in tds and

  18. HT or TDs, heavies because it seems like you can more easily carry games
    with that armor (although gold shells sorta ruin the armor). TDs because of
    the huge guns :)

  19. Heavies, closely followed by mediums

  20. Heavy tanks for life :D

  21. Arty…just kidding.Heavies,cuz they can carry games best if played

  22. My favorite class of tank is rd because of the sniping and concealment of
    cause high amounts of large spread damage.

  23. I like playing arty :)

  24. Heavies, because of the potential for “independant” gameplay, ie, you can
    deal with a lot of situations efficiently.

  25. mediums probably…. I like playing everything except TD’s and non french

  26. medium, cause its light/heavy

  27. Horst Günther Ludolf

    med´s cause i like 2 be jack of all trades.
    it allows me to play aggressive, independent and it gives me the most
    options to fullfill a role actual mostly needed for the team.
    for example my beloved VK30.02M is on the field only slightly slower than a
    t37, has a nice gun, only 30 HP less then a KV85, bounces some shots and
    can spot 511 meters.

  28. This a really hard question, but if I have to choose: HEAVY TANKS FOR LIFE!

  29. My favorite has to be either lights or what I call assault TDs. Tds that
    are quick and maneuverable and yet still have some armor. Examples SU 122
    44, Foch .. tds that are capable of being aggressive and quickly turning
    the tide if needed.

  30. mediums or heavies acting like mediums, like vk a 

  31. My favourite class in WoT are the light tanks because they are fast have
    good guns and are mobile.

  32. It will have to be the mediums. The lower tiers suck without a doubt, but
    tier 9 and 10 have HUGE carry potential. Also the fast heavies like the
    WZ-111 1-4, VK 45.02 A are fun, and have a trick or two up their sleeve.

  33. My favorite class in world of tanks are heavies.

  34. Love my Mediums M46, T54E1, E50 and T54.

  35. My Favorite class is tank destroyers or mediums.


  36. dont have any favourite class… or there is different favourite tank for
    everyday, when i get bored of one class i play other

  37. Mediums without doubt, but I’ve only one Tier9, the T54. KV13 is a great
    all rounder too. But for lol’s and impact in all games the KV2 puts a smile
    on my face. 

  38. Mediums definitely, need mobility and a good gun, armour is for pussies. 

  39. Light, med , heavy and td :] 

  40. For me it would be the Heavy Tanks, especially the more mobile heavies.
    Even the Conquerors armour can bounce shots, they have the HP pool to
    survive prolonged fire fights and they have the fire-power to at least have
    the potential to carry a battle . My ideal HT would have the mobility of
    the IS-3, the HP and Armour of the E-100 and the gun of the FV215b, too bad
    they never made one.

  41. Originally: Light tanks

    But I don’t like how – because of map design – medium tanks are often the
    better package for the job nowadays, even in random games.

    So I will play medium tanks more often I think.

  42. Tank Destroyers….gotta love them :* love my Prot and su-100

  43. My favorite class of tank is Medium tanks but I play Light tanks often :D

  44. My favourite classes in WoT are MTs and LTs,the T49 is such a funny tank,I
    once dealt +900 DMG to an E5,trolololololo :P;as medium tank,the
    Batchaterino is so much fun,fast,great gun,and ability to scout,all I
    need!”Peek-Shoot-Get out!”

  45. Light Tanks, because of the speed.

  46. mediums ofc

  47. It has to be the heavys, becuase you are always in the action and are able
    to absorb a lot of damage, which is quite helpful for the team. Love my
    ST-I :D

  48. Mediums. Seeing as they’re a sort of jack-of-all-trades

  49. It’s got to be TD.

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