Your replays – Pershing / M46 Patton

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Source: osirish

With BeyondD and Haaarry_xD.
(Video size was too big and was getting corrupted, so had to upload in 720p, sry.)

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  1. cool!

  2. Dreadshells Gaming

    Great games guys! way to go!

  3. nice clip


  4. Yeah arty; an unreliable friend and an unpredictable foe. I used to play
    arty in the low tiers but it just became to boring. Just sitting there
    waiting and hoping shots would hit targets. The only fun for me was
    one-shotting scouts. 

  5. To run away or not to run away. Thats a very difficult decision to make. 

  6. Although I agree with Brynje’s opinion on arty, I do think his comment on
    them do not belong on youtube, or in a game for that matter.
    Do not use that affliction in that way.
    Maybe put some logo over the chat next time he goes on that kind of rant?

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