Your replays – RAM II / Fury

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Source: osirish

Mid- American premium mediums with Mirdwen and Coookiee.

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  1. Ram your fav tier 5 med?
    Is that saying you don’t like derps?
    As the Sherm, and the PZ IV both out DPM that by 600 or so…
    In that case, perhaps the T-34 brought into the equation with the 57 dpms
    at 2200, though a lower HP pool…
    I am not too sure, as I didn’t have the skill then that I do now, but I
    sold the thing because of that 105 pen rendered me pretty useless it seemed
    like… I couldn’t be bothered to use premium ammo much. Might buy it back
    at some point. Had a 70% WR in the thing so I found ways to make it work,
    it just wasn’t very fun I thought…

  2. The ram ii goes on my list of tanks that I like but probably shouldn’t. I
    seem to be drawn to the odd tanks. I enjoyed seeing it in the replay.

  3. Hello, i have a replay in my ram 2k dmg lose , i think i have it on my
    channel so maybe u can have a look to that game and if u like it then i can
    sent it to you

  4. Thank you Osirish for featuring this replay.
    In this battle, the luchs driver always prevented me to do what I wanted to
    do, he was really sneaky.

    I like the Ram II, but it’s not my favorite tank by far, because it see
    tier 7 tank, and this is horrible when it happen (I dislike firing premium
    ammo because I don’t want a premium account, and I do need credits !)
    The Fury is a more fun tank to play for me, even in tier 8 battle.
    But I use both of them for crew training (I’m playing mainly american line)
    and credit earning, and I’ve bought these tanks on your advises so, thank
    you again !

    Oh, and I’ve the feeling all of the american guns like to troll you : even
    fully aimed, some shots go very wide (yes T-34 or T-28 prot’, I’m looking
    at you !)

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