Your replays – SU-122-44 / Scorpion

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Source: osirish

with Anonymous_VA and Bassmint.

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  1. Great another reward tank. Oh, well. Done with both American td lines so I
    won’t be buying it anyway at this point. I think they need to make another
    premium german td. There isn’t enough of those.

  2. Ahh sigh..if this is true then…rant engaged…

    Why the fuck does WG cater to the fucking shit braindead fucks in this
    game?!? Continual bullshit like the braindead play of heavies and russian
    tanks. Corridor maps. Everything is changing to make it easier for
    fucktards and make it less and less fun and profitable for the people with
    Splitting of tier 3- so they don’t get stomped by pedobears fine. But add a
    relatively similar feature to tier 7 and up so we don’t get fucked by
    spastic cunts.
    There is already so much rng that skill hardly makes a difference sometimes
    and the balance is fucking retarded especially when it comes to the russian
    Why make the game for spastic fucks who can’t eat cereal without choking on
    their spoon. Oh and if someone is offended by this then tough shit. I call
    it how i see it and I see this game going to shit because of a playerbase
    of fucking retarded donkeys and WG catering to them.
    USA still doesn’t have a prem td…fkn great..all because some shit
    fucktard at tier 2 will waste his own money on a tier 7 and then whine like
    a fkn bitch.
    And even if this isn’t the case regarding this specific tank the other
    points still stand. This game is catering more and more to retards.
    Corridor maps. Removal of cover. Removal of sightlines. RNG. Russian tanks.
    Constant specials and missions that require no skill and even promote
    retarded gameplay.

  3. If you need a high skill cap, then dont buy the damn thing until you get to
    tier 7! by then, maybe you’d have learned something…

    • +PigOneManArmy WG. should not only ALLOW you to buy it in store/in tech
      tree until you have a tier 7 unlocked in the game…. it would be easy to

  4. Hi Osrish, sorry to ask, but I was wondering if you’d watched a 3.7k dmg m6
    game I sent you yet?

  5. A premium vehicle that requires skill to use effectively, which only some
    people would buy. Fair enough, I mean it’s not like several other premiums
    also fit that description or anything…
    Instead of releasing it, this *vehicle we already have completely done*, so
    that said people can give us money for it, lets just put it back in the
    cupboard and ignore it for a while.

    Good ol’ Wargaming logic.

  6. Dreadshells Gaming

    Scorpion actually reminds me of the old Hellcat, but even better mobility.

    • +Dreadshells Gaming m56 scorpion has worst top speed 🙁
      On tank inspector it had bad accuracy on the move, like arty levels bad 🙁
      and its a Paper tank and no view range (350m) for a tier 7
      i still want it badly ! 🙂

  7. well there goes wargaming again not releasing a good tank and instead
    releasing a shitty tier 6 heavy

  8. In real life, the m56 had so much recoil, the airborne troops who used it
    had stand on the side, because the recoil would send it back about 5 yards

  9. Well I guess the no armour and high skill requirements didn’t stop them
    from releasing the CDC…

    • +Tudor Serban maybe get a crew with Sixth sense unlocked for the commander
      when you buy the tank? … may be it can yell out “GET OVER HERE” when you
      get spotted insted of a dog bark … you know …like mortal combat
      “Scorpion” …lol

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