Your replays – SU-85b / T-34

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Source: osirish

with SFCGunny313 and Selen93.

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  1. liked the SU85B replay , T-34 was bad

  2. The SU-85B is a great tank for those who love to play sneaky and punchy TD.
    I’ve more than 500 games in it and it’s the only tier 4 tanks I enjoy
    playing as bottom tier, because even in a tier 6 game it canmake the

  3. Oh wow I didn’t expect to see this replay after 3 months. The T-34 was my
    first tier 5 medium tank and so I learned a lot with it. I know I didn’t
    play the tank perfectly but that was my first Ace Tanker in there so I
    decided to send it. It’s a good tank, I like it.

  4. that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

    More of a fitting name would be the OP-85B….

    • +that tea drinking top hat tipping British man It was OP before the view
      range was neutered, same for T40. Now these are fairly balanced..

  5. don’t hate arty player : since the 9.6 nerf (again), arty is 100% pure RNG.
    I enjoyed playing arty a few months ago, I don’t anymore, especially in
    high tier arty, because spending a whole minute reloading and aiming
    carefully a static target to see the shot landing nowhere near the aiming
    point, and seeing this 4 or 5 time in a battle is just disgusting.

    Besides that, take a snapshot on a moving target and you have as much
    chance to hit. 100% pure luck.

    When you are hit by an arty player, don’t blame the arty player anymore,
    just blame the RNG. And yes, now they have made this class horrible to
    play, they can remove it entirely from the game, I don’t care anymore.

    • I hate it because you cant do anything against them, they sit in their base
      and just click away.

    • the only thing you can do is : try to not be targeted by arty

      But else, you can be targeted all the battle long by arty, but never hitted
      anyway. Or crossing a field in order to reach a good position full speed
      and been one shoted by a big american arty. It’s just 100% pure luck in all

      Instead of asking for more and more nerf for arty (which made them pure RNG
      “hand of god” doom), community should have asked for more enjoyable arty.
      But it’s more easy to say that it’s crap class, than figuring out how to
      put them in play (because EVERY MMO have a support class, which should be
      the arty in WoT).

  6. The T-34 with the 57 actually gets 8 degrees of gun depression where as the
    chinese version gets 5 for some reason

  7. osirish mate can u confirm that u will re issue the prize That I won 4
    (beta test of Heroes of the Storm) as I cannot use it and would like to see
    it go to some use regards

    • +Matt Duncan hi matt, don’t worry about it. i was informed that the game
      has gone open beta. don’t think the keys are any good now.

  8. Christian DeCora

    I’m one of the players that just stays at low tiers for fun. But as of last
    patch if I take out my low tier tanks (tier 3) I see nothing but tier 5.

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