Your replays – T-50 / ELC AMX

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Source: osirish

*Bonus Video* With Zipritch and ColubrineDeuce.

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  1. I enjoyed T50 a lot! Was one of my favourite tanks and I really loved my
    T50/2 too <3 It was a real heartbrake for me when they removed it… I have
    got 3marks of excellence on my ELC AMX …I don't like the whole thing they
    did to lighttanks… It was better when they were op but got bad mm for
    that I think! And I hate what wg had done to arty too D:

  2. Mhh do you miss Dragon Ridge too?

  3. In my opinion old murovanka, old malinovka, old sacred valley and even old
    sandriver, old pearl river and old el hallouf were way better than the
    newer ones are :(

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