Your replays – T-62A / 113

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Source: osirish

with NusPojava.

of Tanks for free


  1. WOW, those replays … well played

  2. lol osirish i send u lots of stuff xD

  3. osirish,
    nuspojava didn’t go heavy flank because he’s aggressive, but because it’s
    much easier to fight heavies in a medium than other meds.
    Nothing really extraordinary there…now, if he did that on a medium flank
    with some serious opposition, that would be something else…but he didn’t
    and went heavy flank.

  4. Fun games to watch, thanks for showing them Irish 🙂 and good games
    NusPojava :)

  5. that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

    5:59 The Caernarvon in chat. XD

  6. Was expecting a M4 improved… is it Worth it :)

  7. Joe Angel Alonzo Trejo


  8. Joe Angel Alonzo Trejo

    I need 26,888 to get my foch 155

  9. Joe Angel Alonzo Trejo

    hey do u have a Xbox one

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