Your replays – WZ-111 1-4 / A-43

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Source: osirish

with Phen0menaL and Brynje.

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  1. Enemy tank reload time should get banned

  2. Hmm, maybe I need to look at playing the A43.

  3. I still find it sad and wrong that in the first replay you can have such an
    awesome game yet lose money.

  4. I kinda feel the a43 is far inferior to the t-34 since 112pen at tier 5 is
    better than 120+x(x<10) at tier 6 and since they're dpm guns the alpha
    doesn't matter and you can get the t34 to 2.8k dpm while the a43 is only
    2.65k(2.8k with the 57) and the armor is worse because youre not blocking
    shots with the thickness youre blocking with auto bounce angles and the
    armor isn't slopped enough on the sides and rear to surpass the t34 with
    auto bounce angles.

  5. Check this replay out Mr. Osirish, you may enjoy it! And
    I’m still at the 110, and I’m excited to get the
    WZ-1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 1-4 now!

  6. Thanks for doing this video. I was not fully aware of the A43 until I saw
    it. I noticed a funny thing on the Russian Tech tree though. The A43 does
    not lead to the T43 (tier 7). That makes no sense. Bad WG bad.

  7. Hey Osirish, thank you for showing my replay, and for the kind words 🙂

    Against that 13 90 I used auto-aim (to get rid of him quickly and get back
    to our base ASAP), that’s why the lead was bad, but after 2 missed shots I
    realised I have to aim manually to kill him.

  8. I remember playing my WZ-111 1-4 stock it was rough i hated the tank so
    much, but when i unlocked all the modules I realized how great the tank is

  9. mortenjunior nielsen

    why does xvm Work for you, it freezes My pc, really Miss the hitlog.

  10. osirish, what WN8 counter do you use in this video?
    Is it XVM’s or separate mod?

  11. A-43 – The russian Cromwell (just better) ;)

  12. Phenomenal game by, well, you know who. Great strategy and excellent play!
    I especially like those HE shots at the end, track him and then flank for
    the win. Bravo!

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