Your WELL-DESERVED REWARD is KV-1SA, Auto-Reloader | World of Tanks Free Gift Tank

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Well-Deserved Reward 2022, KV-1SA. Auto-Reloading Gift Tank KV-1SA. Free Gift for Well-Deservered Rewards 2022.

The waiting time is over, our this year’s well-deserved reward is here and it is KV-1SA.

What do you think?


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  2. Nice flashback 😀

  3. how stupid, looking back on a map that wasn’t even in the game back then

  4. I want my original elc back!

  5. Really? WG have no imagination. Another friggin Russian KV heavy. What a waste of time. Reloader – big deal. 300,000 credit to sell it. It’s gone. Why not give us something a bit different. No OP. Just different to another Russian heavy. It’s so close to the KV-1 Shielded with less HP and same gun except reloader. much lower DPM. Not even interesting to play. Boring WG. Boring.

    Best thing was the 12 tokens I got and spent on bond equipment, bonds and crew member

  6. So instead of getting a tier 6 as it used to be we now get a tier 5. Most specials (battlepass etc…) are from tier 6 and above so just a free garage spot.

    • That is kind of silly. KV-1 and KV-1S used to be classics for veterans, so I kinda like getting a premium version to have some fun in. Tier 5 or tier 6 is still low tier to be basically the same functionally.


    I remember my first Top Gun, it was in a Churchill I, I held the HT Lane in Himmelsdorf. At the end I had 9 kills.

    • Mine was a stock Hetzer on El halluf, 70% crew, 1/2 blind. All kill steals!

    • My first top gun, I was driving in a Kv5 (when you could buy it from the tech tree for gold), and I ramkilled a bunch of tier 5-7 light/medium tanks.
      Back when amx40 and such could face tanks like the T95 (doom turtle).

  8. Best reward tank so far, this one i will keep

  9. can we keep the well-deserved reward token btw?

  10. Nope, not even the reward reloader will lure me back. I left & probably never returning after the panther 8.8 long awaited rebalance…a stronger gun mantlet. War Thunder has its own jank flavor so no tanks for now.

  11. garage is buggy as hell right now. crew, depot etc arent loading in and iv gotta reload the garage after putting equipment on the tank

  12. << for team Dez! :D

  13. This even worse than tier-1 tanks.

  14. That’s not what i ordered, close but DeZLove on 1st sight; it is soo cute!! Where is my tier III Ita tank?!
    Love, Happyiness and Nudity to all of You!!

  15. Was really hoping for something that I would play more than 10 times before not touching it again. Oh well, hopefully next year we get the old m41 bulldog. Would be really nice.

  16. You dont get the tank if its your first year 🙁

    I made a new account when i moved to Australia but ive been playing for 8 bru

  17. I’ve been playing for 4 years and haven’t gotten any rewards…

    • Maybe you didn’t actually play for 4 years? WG’s website states “[Registered] From 01.01.2018 Through 12.31.2018”, And you’d get all 5 reward tanks

  18. Oh look free damage

  19. its ok but why they could not make it tier VI ? pffff greedy bastards WG cant even make usefull good rewards at least a good tank would be nice….


  21. I thought this was an April Fools event ahead of time, but no it’s just another “don’t hate the player” tank.

  22. How do you obtain this tank? I’m not familiar with this system.

  23. The tank seems fun to me (in the absence of trying it), but to me it is at least worrying that, entering the game comparator, it is possible to see how the tank would perform with the experimental equipment. Therefore, the experimental equipment is already implemented on the live server…

  24. I am looking forward to try this, but honestly from your video it feels like this tank will make the low tiers kinda painful for new players…. KV-1 is a beast by itself on low tiers, give it an auto-reloader that thing will pad some stats man… Think this tank might be just a tiny bit OP

  25. This is not a tank. This is the grave of the crews. 😂

  26. duuude, i didn’t even realise it has that broken autoreloader when i received it at first, i thought the gun was single shot, then i watched your vid & was shocked lol this thing will tear up low tier mm even more just like the kv220 & the m10.. but hey, at least it’s not another derp gun shitter

    • It feels more like cyclic gun with an ability burst fire at anytime as long as you charge it. Quite powerful with decent dpm, but less armored than regular KV-1. At least not as broken as KV-220 which is just ridiculous.

  27. But is it better than my kV1 with 57mm gun?

  28. 82k credits. . . I think credits can be made with this tank, great 🙂

  29. Nice to get free tanks lol. Shame the game has been ruined by booster companies, and tank cheaters…WG do something ban the boosters and cheater clans….Merry Holidays

  30. I remember my 1st Topgun, 6 tanks killed but some1 got 6 just before me. Back then only the 1st person in the match to get 6 kills got the Top Gun medal.

  31. Title is fuckin sarcasm i hope. xDDD

  32. Un Voyageur de L'univers

    When they will release the tank on game ? 1st day of January ?

  33. Played since beta, got my data wiped to 0 at some point, devs refused to compensate or fix or give me the well deserved reward, only the option to remove my account, which I did now, thanks wg 😁👍

  34. Stupid Azz Drivers (SAD)

    You are my main source for new WOT incoming news

  35. We went from tier 7 well deserved reward tank, to tier 6, and now 5. Next year it is probably a tier 2 T18💀💀💀

  36. Is this WGs way of adding the old KV without *actually* making one or even the KV1S(old one)?

  37. Pz1c in the old days. 9 kills.

  38. im so happy to receive a rewards 🙂

  39. I don’t like it. Other rewards were old tanks that got “removed” in some sense. I really wish we could’ve gotten something like the autoloader bulldog, or autoloader 59-16, maybe even su12254. Instead we get some rando new tank that can’t even earn battlepass points

  40. Well deserved credits for me 😋

  41. players with 10 years ingame….get just ….@#$@#. tanks for well deserved!

  42. that we forgot the ammo made me spit my drink 😂

  43. I got all 5 Reward Tanks this Year.

  44. It’s not bad, but E-25’s and Tigers are having a field day.

  45. The Gym Teacher's Grandma

    Guess who is gonna grab his pz iv/v and bully them

  46. This thing is slow to focus, but once it gets to rocking…

  47. *tank is made out of crew men* 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  48. Well… it’s another free tank & I have quite some already – so thx Wargaming!
    Will see how it plays… at the moment they are swarming so I better wait a few days before playing mid tier battles! 😀

  49. Old autoloading SP1C would be better, but hey… free tank is a free tank, only downside is its penetration and aimspeed

  50. im some glad wot haven’t fuked up the well deserved reward and christmas yet if it wasn’t for december.. wot would be trash all 12 months of the year.

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