You’re only 1 player out of 15 – World of Tanks

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  1. The last video i kind of dont agree with you. You never rely on TD’s, they always disappoint you. you would have far better luck if you tried fighting the Standard B Or retreating and farming damage at the very least.. Just my opinion. o7

  2. nice camera bro

  3. that crew man in the m48a5 patton sure enjoys himself:)

  4. Piotr Iwaszkiewicz

    There’s no in game sound but for some reason I don’t mind at all. It’s so relaxing

  5. This is exactly what frustrates me so much. I’m an average to slightly above average player but not at the level where I can carry totally on my own. Seems like more times than not I end up in a situation exactly like your 2nd game where I can’t actually do anything because the rest of my team is so horrible that no matter what I do I’ll just get raped.

  6. I think a good play in the 2nd game (around 13 min in the video) would have been pushing the Standard B. Both E3’s are still in the city (so nothing camping the rear) and you can push up to the Standard B’s plateau without getting shot in the side from city, and the Standard B is alone so it’s kinda a free kill. Then there’s a lot of map freed up and space to get around/behind the E3’s or kill the arty. Just a thought.

  7. Howdy Lem ; b

  8. take a shot every times LR says “carry”

  9. New camera set up? It means you’re going to start streaming again right.. right?

  10. snowisthebestweather

    8:15 “I don’t want to lose more of my HP,” he says, while at full HP.

  11. LR got all professional! Ooooooh :p

    Honestly, this new angle is going to take some getting used to. Is anyone else noticing the eyebrow nod when he flicks his head? Loving it

    • Yeah, it’s fun just watch him. He’s like a proffesor loving what he does, except studens do care what he says 😀

  12. Lemmingrush let’s grab a beer!!!

  13. Love your insite of the game. Tell me bro gow did you learn so much?

  14. First video I have seen of the new facecam angle…

    I approve!

  15. I quit this game years ago but thoroughly enjoy your analysis. Well done.

  16. 5:06 I think Lemming cut out a 30 second rage ?

  17. Nice video

  18. How’re things going, *J* *a* *m* *e* *s* ?

  19. François Bergmans

    1. Unfortunately, that Patton’s position completely screws you. That was unlucky.
    2. I think you should have gone on one of the flanks. Maybe the right flank when the 44-100 was alone.

  20. I do love live game play

  21. Christopher Murphey

    As much as everyone loves saving credits, why do you use a small med kit? the passive bonuses on the large ones make them way more valuable and useful

  22. Ngl u lookin cute with that haircut no homo

  23. please do the BC t10 i really need help

  24. Glacier…three arty….sad trombone….

  25. I just want to say thank you. Watching your videos has improved my game so much. I’m still not great, but I do have great games from time to time, and at least don’t usually suck really bad. Cheers!

  26. Yo lemming what will you do with your NA account? Also shitbarn gameplay when?

  27. good video, nice game play. Are you sure the m48 can side scrape, that hasn’t been my experience.

  28. good tank

  29. Now imagine a team like this all the time…. How do you even carry this mess.

  30. The Ultimate Rhinoceros

    I LOVE these types of videos they’re more informative than everything else out there. Amazing!

  31. Triple E4 platoon, okay here we go, German heavy fear my team………
    And one E4 just sank himself.

  32. Please play more GERMAN HEAVIES, bro.
    I think the best ones are called Tigers.

  33. Love this style! It helps me to consider other things than just my primary…

  34. Perhaps your taking the game much too seriously, your stress level has to be high, they don’t send you home in a bodybag…just press battle, IMHO.

  35. Zackary Bélanger

    What do you think of the tier 10 chinese td?

    • 3 times got ace at tier 9 chinese td, i think i stay at tier 9 bcs that tier per tier is ok, when u in tier 10 the improvement only at frontal upper wich fairly strong, but it still use same gun as tier 9. So basically i stay at 9

  36. Stop playing this toxic horseshit and jump into WoW Classic!

  37. gg man!! Great video thx!

  38. Hello, this was a good example for how a strategic and tactical approach one should have.. I don’t have this ability, sadly

  39. lorenzo greidanus

    Why do you play on EU instead of NA?

  40. Young man, have you gotten a better camera? Never looked more sexy

  41. lemming you disabled chat didnt you ? playing good usually means some red bot will blame you for not yoloying

  42. Interesting video again and not only a “ace tanker” series (yes unicums can also die in Wot).
    The most interesting is the fact that we should always reevaluate every actions regarding the map
    Always, always check the map… something that I should do more often ?

  43. Corneliu Codreanu

    “what if I made a play?”
    *wild E3 appears*

  44. Wow I love the new camera

  45. This happens to me a lot. I can’t make a play without losing HP and my team loses/wins in the meantime… That’s the most frustrating thing. (except arty) Making good play by not making any play.

  46. damn I’m late for da upload :/

  47. Yes I’ve stopped playing the game today just through disappointment. One game there were three yellows on my side and eight on the other. We were annihilated even though I killed three of the enemy. The HK server is appalling but the Aussie server isn’t much better. Out of about 20 odd games I only won about three or four. A few I didn’t play very well, some I think I played really well but it’s hard to help to carry a team when four or five of your team are dead within two minutes and the enemy haven’t lost any. I haven’t decided if I’ll go back but I won’t play for a couple of months. If I go back and it’s still totally crap I’ll just leave it.

  48. Thankyou for the video. The vast majority of videos show either only the best games or with the “dull” bits cut. This has given me far more insight into the game and shows us all that sometimes it’s okay to have “slower” games where you have to react to everyone else around you rather than being the unicum hard carry.

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