Youtube showed this video to only 5k people can I get a million views please

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  1. So i just released this video a hour ago and only 5k people got the notification!! Please make it get a million so i can buy a gt-40 replica

  2. Love the rename 🤣

  3. Meh, fist? Oh!

  4. I thought it was pronounced “ME FIST TOE”

  5. LiferLance Adventures

    Play the PVB-301! Low tier Swedish Bradley!

  6. Requesting since Sept 2018 please Phly. I-16 type 10. Phun agile and deadly little phighter

  7. Thank god your back lord yt is boring

  8. Phlydaily pls play the Kfir C7

  9. It’d be funny for Phly to do an spectators view of his gameplay in an announcers voice…

  10. Certified Wallie gone wild moment, with a twist, it got wheels

  11. notorious nitrous

    i love how phly says ugh i shouldnt do this then proceeds to murder the whole team LOL

  12. That ending was fantastic.

  13. You pronounce it mehfiistoh

  14. Meh-fist-o the crazy scientist from Southpark that make creatures with lots of butts🤣

  15. Pronounced like ‘manifesto’ without the -ni.

  16. I’m not camping I’m defending an area

  17. Can we get a vid with an eye tracker?

  18. Brendens old sock

    Bring back the g.91 r/4

  19. Dylans- -World999

    missed you dad

  20. “meh-fist-toe”

  21. Long time no see phly, good to see u again

  22. Attempt 193: Loving the Unloved: Play the lovechild of a Spitfire and a Mustang. The beautiful MB5. You never made a video about this.
    But before that you should play the Hawk III Chinese fighter; 900lbs of bombs in a biplane at 1.0 (for Sawyer)

  23. Huh I’m subbed and missed this notification

  24. cheynewellington

    Me -fist-you!

  25. I did not skip your ads and let it rip in my watch. Take it.

  26. Cool

  27. Mosquitoes be like 15:50

  28. LoL what??! How do you know that dinar is a currency?

  29. “The Meth”

  30. gamingteatime fr

    It’s pronounced mehfistoe

  31. For the traction it does make sense. Track are mainly mde out of steel or aluminium. So metal against rock is really slippery. In the other hand, tire are made out of rubber and on millitary vehicule, they’re often deflated so it has more grip. So it does make sense to me

  32. */Fisto reporting for duty, please assume the possition/*

  33. Its 3.99 at a gas station near me

  34. Its literally pronounced exactly how its spelled Phly read a book. XD

  35. 15:40 moskito mode activated

  36. Day 272 of asking phor the m47-105/55

    Also taking over asking phor the Hawk III Chinese fighter with its large bomb load

  37. me a filthy causal player just trying to have fun….getting wrecked by phlyDaily lmao

  38. pissed I didn’t get notified, good vid as always!

  39. Meh.. Fist.. Oo..

    You so silly Phly!

  40. ant love FOREVER

    15:40 that mosquito in my room

  41. Meh-Fist-oh

  42. don’t use Russian vehicles

  43. Yes ur crazy.. . Get help

  44. Today’s my birthday and i’m happy when i watch phd video

  45. It’s pronounced Mi-fist-oh fyi! Thanks Phly!

  46. meh-fis-tow

  47. haf_blind_pirate haha

    Hello! Hope you are doing well.

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