YSTERVARK SPAA | A Totally Normal South African Weapon Of War

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YSTERVARK SPAA | A Totally Normal South African Weapon Of War


  1. Day 206: Phly, I challenge you to the conphusing aerial smokescreen challenge. Destroy three enemy aircrapht with smoke shells in a single game. Good luck. o7

  2. yes phly i live here and its normal to us also love your content keep it up 🙂

  3. This thing would be literally perfect at 5.7, I would still be able to use it with my Comet, and it would actually take some effort to annihilate props with.

  4. Kyrenia UNIbit b-08

    It’s gonna be bonkers if war thunder add Kaplan MT/Black Tiger although it doesn’t have any armor

  5. These are bases off Unimog 416
    Amazing 4×4 performance
    The frame flexes 11゚
    The axels 30⁰
    And fully locking axels

  6. If you get absolutely smoked just hop into a plane and bomb and get an easy kill….. scrubsss

  7. General Mark Milley is Benedict Arnold of our time

    “Ok *friendly friendly*” a reference to lord Stimpee perhaps????

  8. if you want to pronounce it right just say it like this ICE-TER-FARK its as close as i can get it basically the Afrikaans name for a porcupine

  9. day 78: can you play “Gunner, Heat, PC!!!”

  10. MO POWAH BABY ⚡⚡⚡⚡

  11. Hey phly you havent posted a video of the amx 13 ss11 yet (day 53)

  12. What’s next? ISIS technicals? Dibs on the dump truck with T-55 turret.

  13. I see what u did with that donut media style more power baby

  14. Lmao the way English poeple pronounce Afrikaans words is just the funniest thing ever 😂 but phly you’re not far off from the real pronounceiation

  15. Pronounced “A” – “ster” – “Fark” …. The Afrikaans “Y” often sounds like an “A”, and the “V” of “vark” is more like an “F”

  16. Dang ply you really know how to fly

  17. I wonder when Gaijin will add the Toyota Pickup truck with a .50cal attached on top?

  18. Suspended Animation

    Pronunciation is ACE-TER-FARK – Afrikaans for porcupine. ‘Vark’ on its own is pig. Greetings from SA 🙂

  19. ay stir fu(ck)rk…You’re butchering my language.

  20. Jump seat guy just kicking back as cannon lets rip next to his face.

  21. That looks like a mine truck. lol

  22. The guy in the back lookin like hes takin a nap.

  23. I love how this thing is 4.3 yet the r3 is only .4 br higher

  24. Why is this 4.3???

  25. You dude im from South Africa and directly translated you can basically call it an iron pig , because yster means iron anf fark means pig🤣

  26. Vulnerable gun barrel. Best mechanic ever deviced. So stupid

  27. Didn’t we do this 2weeks ago?

  28. Why_Did_I_Make_This Chanel

    I’m still happy that War Thunder gaved us 3 uptades

  29. Takes me back to BO2

  30. day 1 of asking for the vfm5

  31. This thing has as much pen as the 7.3 Marder.

  32. ไอตอแหล

    4:54 You see, but you don’t shoot. Wait for your mother?

  33. Mo powah baby! Phly watching Donut makes perfect sense yet I didn’t expect it

  34. Pretty close with the pronunciation 🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦 love to see it

  35. Johnathan Rudisill

    lmao! Right before 6:44 the ground spazzes out and hes like HHEEYY!!😂😂😂😂😂😂

  36. I loved it when he said mo powa babea

  37. So the ys is pronounced like aaay-stervark and the rest you got spot on

  38. would definetly not take a tank mine. A personal mine sure

  39. It is very very possible the A10 will be releases in the next update or the one after.

  40. Aaaaay-stir-fark

  41. News_Internationale

    Somebody should test the mine protection by firing a 122mm HE shell on the ground under the vehicle.

  42. Жмих Підстаркуватий

    6:44 no need to thank

  43. Pronounced : “Aystirfark”

    Pls just read it!!!!!!

  44. they should just add a 20 or 30 mm on a Toyota and give it to all nations lol

  45. Man try The j29 swedish jet😀

  46. Rat patrol jeep, that’s in tha game, right?

  47. Ostrich Productions

    It’s pronounced “ace-ter-fark” I’m from South Africa by the way and the language is Afrikaans.

  48. 11:27 YOU GOT A HOLE IN YOUR RI……….

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