YSTERVARK SPAA | When Construction Equipment IS ARMED FOR COMBAT

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Source: PhlyDaily

YSTERVARK SPAA | When Construction Equipment IS ARMED FOR COMBAT


  1. That vehicle reminds me of something the taliban will create with all our weaponry they don’t know how to use lol

  2. The rooivalk gunship helicopter

  3. Kim-Harald Johansen

    I see 3 vehicles that hasn’t been added Ratel ZTI (or is it ZT1) Eland 60 and the Rhino

  4. Pronounced = EY – STER – FARK / derived from YSTER – iron & VARK- pig, which is a porcupine in Afrikaans.

  5. Bro wee need the Russian BTR-80

  6. This new Snowrunner DLC looks great

  7. I literally just watched a carwow race 🏁

  8. tractor! blyat!

  9. The rhino
    The ratel

  10. The eland

  11. G6 Rhino is a south african vehicle that is not added yet… It looks like a sci fi tank.

  12. SvenandBex Ericksen

    Yeah, another piece of crap British SPAA, “only slighjtly not as good as R3”, go figure Gijain. Add more paper & prototypes and still no skink.

  13. IT-1
    look at this reload animation

  14. I wonder if they’re gonna start adding mine layers now

  15. Tartaglia The Wig Splitter

    this vehicle screams of HOME DEPOT THEME

  16. Hey phly you havent posted a video of the amx 13 ss11 yet (day 36)

  17. This thing looks like something that someone cobbled together in Crossout.

  18. A grave misunderstanding

    I love how the r3 just can’t be beat, cool tank tho

  19. Ugly Fucking Bastard

    Cant wait for tacomas with rocket pods

  20. 12:54 Phly : It’s not that deep !
    Also Phly : *disappear into the depth*

  21. toyota tech tree when?

  22. Cullen Des Brulais

    Pronounce: (Ace-sterrrr-farrrk) rolled Rs

  23. It is an airport truck with a gun

  24. “Other South African vehicles that haven’t been added yet”

  25. ay-ster-fark

  26. Comrade From The Southeast Asia

    I cant stop laughing at how fast the gunner rotates the wheel

  27. Pvt. James Ramirez

    I’m laughing way to hard at this 16:31

  28. Why are you yelling

  29. Isis in 2042 if they still exist

  30. ApplePapelProductions

    They made mockups for about three R3-T20’s. To my knowledge, none were ever fully completed, and they were never used. They’re more paper tank than the Maus, assuming I’m not mixing anything up.

  31. More vehicles needed to add to the British tech tree, south african vehicles must help fill the gap

  32. Day 4: please take a look at SU100Y, it shares the fate with the Sturer Emil but a 0.3 br higher. Still have it in line ups 2br higher.

  33. I want to see the Rooivalk Attack chopper and the cheetah multirole in warthunder.
    But if you want a list its a bit way too long for one comment

  34. I hope they add the Sherman with the shovel attachment

  35. In English it mean “metalpig”.
    But the real translation means “Porcupine”.

  36. Phly just remember this was made for bush warfare.

  37. Where is the Rooikat SAM Spaa?? It was leaked in the WT 2020 review alongside the Oliphant which we got. TEC even confirmed it exists digging in the files so where is it?

  38. That gunner probably practices 5 times a day in the shower.

  39. ISIS tech tree confirmed

  40. CAT tech tree is real

  41. i still prefer hilux with any HMG as a AA vehicles.

  42. Check out the CM11 DM63 round

  43. it looks like something your brain would put together….

  44. panzersheps spehsreznap

    It s Just jeep With anti-aircraft kit

  45. What if in WT add egyptian tank 🤔

  46. Although the Philippines doesn’t really have tanks and all that, I’d still like for some to be added :’)

  47. I kinda want one of these in every tech tree

  48. how do i join that custom battle map, is it only on the dev server?

  49. I’d play this because how ridiculous it is.

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