Yuri P. Q&A (09/11/2015)

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Source: Rita Sobral

Hello Warriors,

another batch of Yuri Pasholok’s Q&A:

– SU-152P is something like a Soviet Waffenträger and that’s not just an analogy but the truth. In 1945, the Ardelt Waffenträger drawings were sent to Sverdlovsk with the task to design something like that. As a result an entire family of SPG’s was designed. From the outside they look very different than the German ones but the concept is the same.

– the country with the most tanks still lying in the archives undiscivered is probably Great Britain, but other countries still have stuff lying in archives as well
– Panzer IX and X are German fakes from “Signal” newspaper from March 1944
– there was a Panzer III SPG project with KwK 43 L/71 – the Nashorn (although its suspension has elements from Panzer IV as well)
– there was no such thing as IS-9 and IS-10 tanks (although IS-9 actually existed, it was the designation of the Russian tank starter module
– Conqueror Gun Carriage is a Wargaming fake, made analogically to the projects on Centurion chassis
– there was only one KV-5 project variant
– it’s possible that T-29, T-29C and T-29CN Soviet medium tanks will appear in WoT

– Soviet Object 752 was actually proposed with an oscillating turret

– T28 Prototype is a fake, based on one drawing from Hunnicutt, the suspension was from there and the turret was made up analogically to other turreted SPG’s
– the Tiger P engine was in real life reworked analogically to the Ferdinand one to a pair of HL120TRM engine from the original air-cooled engine
– the Mendeleev tank is a realistic project and technically could have been built

– the first Soviet tank to fit the requirements to be protected from the German 12,8cm KwK 44 was the IS-7, the requirement came in the autumn of 1945
– there are no concrete data on any IS-4 based SPG, but there is a SPG project developed by Plant No.172 – Yuri shows some sort of SPG drawing:

It cannot be said that this vehicle is specifically based on IS-4 chassis but it came up after the war in parallel with the Object 705.

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