Yuri Pasholok Q&A (04/11/2015)

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Source: Rita Sobral

– Regarding the Type 62 and WZ-131 in WoT, it’s a successful example of making a light tank out of a medium one. The Americans wanted to do the same thing (T20 Medium Tank into T21) but in the end didn’t do it for a number of reasons, but in the case of the Type 62, the vehicle was successful since it’s still in service in a number of countries
– The ingame 121/121B are predecessors of Type 69, which was an version of Type 59. The 121 designation was selected because WoT has a limit on how old ( rather new) vehicles can appear in the game (and 1969 was too new), although this limit was later broken anyway in order to provide some nations with adequate hightier vehicles (for example the case of -1)
– Wargaming Tactical Press (the publishing company responsible for Wargaming books) stopped working for a “number of reasons”
– Yuri Pasholok’s book on “land cruisers” (giant vehicles such as Ratte) is almost ready but since he’s really busy this year (for example working on Swedish tank data), it won’t be finished until December. Whether it will be published is another question.
-5 with 152mm gun is apparently a fake
– The tankers in WW2 generally did not aim at weakspots but simply at the middle of the hull
– guns BL-9 and S-26-1 share identical barrels, the main feature of the S-26 was that the mechanism was unified with the 130mm version
– The 1915 “Rubinsky Factory Tank” a fake? “Hard to say” – Yuri Pasholok mostly deals with 1925-1950 tank development.

– The Korean Koksan is a practical proof that it’s possible to put a ridiculously large gun on small chassis (such is the case of the Grille 15 WT E-100 replacement)
– The chance that Begleitpanzer 57 will appear in WoT is zero (too new)
– There were several vehicles (including for example the Renault FT and some Japanese vehicles such as Ha-Go and Chi-Ha) that had the gun mounted in a turret but also in a mount that allowed limited horizontal traverse without moving the turret (a combination of turret and SPG mount), this is not really needed in the game but it existed.

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