Yuri Pasholok Q&A

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Source: Rita Sobral

Hello Warriors,

Yuri Pasholok, 's history consultant answered to a new Q&A:

– Of mass-produced autoloading , the Kuerassier is still available for WoT, as is the Somua SM. There were plenty project-only autoloader tanks, including Soviet ones
– The difference between T-54 and T-55 is that the T-54 comes from A.Morozov (who later returned to Kharkov) while the T-55 is purely from Nizhny Tagil. In reality, the T-55 is simply an upgraded version late T-54
– Regarding vehicles armed with naval guns, one of them is the SU-100Y, but both the D-10T and the S-70 have naval roots
– The Japanese Tiger designation Heavy Tank No.VI is realistic, WG historians agreed with the Japanese
– The Japanese Tiger model belongs specifically to the vehicle the Japanese bought in real life
– There are enough French heavy tank projects for second and third branch
– M.Svirin writes about a project of but with a 100mm D-10 gun, called Grom-1, Yuri Pasholok cannot confirm the existence of this vehicle
– Borgward EP-1 (one of Leopard prototypes) had (a bit strange) automatic loading mechanism
– 15cm L/63 gun was planned to use in the Maus and E-100 tanks (or, rather, SPG's based on these vehicles)
– The most powerful tank engine ever made was the one of Maus
– The Germans not only planned but also used (even in combat) tanks powered by wood gas generators
– The most Soviet-refitted captured tank was the III (SU-76I)
– Norwegians only had one tank in WW2, the Belgians had several English T-15's, French ACG-1 and T-13 tank destroyers.
– Yugoslavs have few candidates for lowtier tanks, but after the war they designed a whole bunch of interesting tanks
– The info about Chinese vehicles is gained from WG's Chinese partners
– Chinese branch will come (when it's done it's done), there is enough info to build it
– If we count SPG projects as well as modern tanks, Yuri Pasholok found around 1500 vehicles in archives
– For now there is no candidate for British 8 heavy
– If the planned Soviet re-arm program took place before the German attack, the Germans would be meeting the tanks such as SP-126, KV-220 and
13 105 in WoT? Unfortunately there are no tier 10 LT's, it has the same gun as the M51 Super Sherman
– The M50 and M51 Israeli designations are fake: the Super Sherman is M4A1E8 and the M50 + M51 are made up by some non-Israeli historian
– Lorraine 40t with a 120mm gun? “Haven't seen such a thing”

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