Yuri Pasholok’s Q&A

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Source: Rita Sobral

Hello warriors,

Yuri Pasholok – Wargaming’s historian – answered some more questions!

 – the recently leaked picture by Wargaming is nothing historical, just some thing made up by an artist:

– Yuri is not aware of other SPG projects based on Churchill chassis than the Churchill Gun Carrier. It’s possible there were projects for more
– Isreali Centurion engine compartments were standardized for the AVDS-1790-2AC diesel. It is likely not true that the Centurions used captured Soviet tank diesel engines (like the V-55) since putting such an engine in a Centurion would require a significant engine compartment overhaul
– 122mm U-11 on KV-1 in WoT is historical, the project was called KV-9 (was not mass-produced though)
– WG has the Chinese materials on T-34-X tanks, they are very interesting but unfortunately for now there’s no right to publish them
– Two variants of Object 430 were indeed discussed, they are mentioned in the accounting archives
– FV304 is a real project and despite its size six people could indeed fit in:

– the Soviet SPG’s (such as the Object 261) were projected with existing guns in mind, in this case the B-4. There was also the BR-2 gun with many project as well. As such the appearance of the gun on tiers 7-9 is historical.
– apparently the Chinese “121” is the WZ-121 (the first variant with Chinese 100mm gun). Other guns were intended for the platform as well.
– only little info exists on “Blohn und Voss 1961” tank but enough to reconstruct its appearance apparently if necessary
– there were dozens and dozens of Soviet heavy tank projects from the 50’s. Some are still secret however. In the game there are for example 2 IS-7 variants while in real life there were 7 at least
– the IS-3 with BL-9 designation is not completely historical. In 1945 the BL-13 gun was designed for heavy tanks (the same as on Object 260). So basically there was an idea but the plan didn’t move any further.
– there was no IS-2 variant with a 152mm gun
– there was no request towards historical department to build a third Soviet medium tank branch
– the third German TD branch is unlikely to come, there is only one more tier 10 TD candidate and it’s a copy of an existing one (Jpz E-100 and Jagdmaus). “Why would you need another branch of Waffenträgers without tier 10?” If there will be more German TD’s, they will come separately and not as a branch.
– there is no need to expect the M6A2E1 in HD with an advanced (T29) turret, a decision was made to model the vehicle that was actually built in metal
– currently the developers are not working on alternative French TD branch, it would just be a copy of the first one
– there are interesting light vehicle concepts by ARL and FCM as alternatives to the ELC but they have recoilless guns and as such are banned from WoT
– Yuri Pasholok on British light tank branch to tier 8: “As far as I know, they collected enough material for it already a long time ago.”
– restoration of Maus “project” was closed and does not continue
– Yuri does not know whether WG will have another tank restored to function. He personally works on restoring an armored cutter (a ship) but that’s a different group of volunteers

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