YUUUGE TANK BATTLE – 64 Players 1 Map (War Thunder Tank Gameplay)

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YUUUGE BATTLE – 64 Players 1 Map (War Thunder Tank Gameplay)


  1. Yuge is bigger than huge

  2. Intangableboss Rages

    Of corse it’s hard for you to aim at 30 fps I used to have to play war thunder at 14 or 15 fps in air and tank battles kills aiming wasn’t that hard for me

  3. Frankypeppers Gaming

    Is the French BDR G1 B in war thunder?

  4. I wonder what would happen if 63 spaa try to shoot a MAUS or a hunter all at once

  5. I was their

  6. That m18 at 3:53 probably just shit his pants ??

  7. Phly do the tiger II (H) and the arado b-2 combo!!!

  8. This but rockets only

  9. Omg I was in this game

  10. Arcade??? Really??? meh

  11. Attempt number I think 12, It has been a while since the last attempt
    Phly, take out the BF109 F2 with the rockets and kill 5 enemies with it. 2 must be light tanks, 1 must be a medium tank, and last two is up to you. To unlock the 109 F2, you can use whatever tank you want.

  12. Gayjin logic:
    Tiger 1, worse gun, worse armor, worse speed, gets same br as is 2

  13. 0:43 look mum im on TV

  14. 3:53 did anyone else think of the guns shooting gif meme thingy?

  15. Lol this game mode would definitely kill my laptop

  16. Plz Take out the ethier russin Or german T-150Tank

  17. I get 20 fps in a normal game :/

  18. Why not be the tiger e with the tracks on the lower glacius

  19. does not look that laggy just like playing from Australia tbh :p

  20. Easter egg at 8:30-8:45…

  21. Challenge: Land a bomber on the ground and taxi around shooting tanks with your turrets. Alternatively: Land a fighter on the ground and shoot tanks. Attempt #1

  22. I still say fly the Xp-50

  23. Germans are using their reserve tanks and could not give you a tank from 1940 and above because they were destroyed, your objective phly is to take out a panzer II F and a ho229, use whatever shells you want. But you must be able to get the ho229 in top teir, that is your mission phly, dont let the reich fall!

    Attempt #1

  24. when you say fffffffffffffffffricken, you know youtubes on some gay shit. Love the vid Phly

  25. 78 more subs till 500k

  26. Loving the overwhelmingly unloved
    ATTEMPT #28

  27. Now do 64 player Katyusha battle

  28. 500k Sub!! 😀

  29. prashantmakemerich

    welcome to my world, i play at 30 fps with above 200 ping. 😛 , #challenge .

  30. Objective new meta : play the T64 with the HE only and get some sweet sweet ammo detonation going on those pesky capitalist pigs !

  31. Phly I play war thunder with a Fps around 10-20 fps with the lowest quality because im not using a gaming pc

  32. Lol rip typo

  33. Challenge
    Bring our Glorious Soviet one in century design tank,T-34-85 D5T , D 5 T not the 5.7 one but the D5T , Bring it 8.0 and kill many Kpz or MBT-70 as you can :3

  34. Tally Bally ho old chap, the air ministry has a assignment for you, you have to phly/drive the Daimler AC mkII and the hurricane mk IV 40mm btw keep up the great work 😀

  35. It is a shame that Phly sits on a different continent and I cannot be a part of games like this one here or encountering him in normal matchmaking while also having a decent ping. The only youtuber I’ve met few times in games was TheOrangeSpawnkiller. 🙁

  36. Lol I thought this was an old vid when it was just posted until now.

  37. Historical 64 player battle with 5-10 Tigers vs a Stream of T-34s, IS-1/2s and SU-152s?

  38. Now for 64 plane battles or… 64 tanks, planes, boats, annnnd infantry/paratroopers!

  39. that zoom sound at 8:41 .damn.

  40. Revisist The Best APC In War Thunder Phly, The Type 60 ATM!

    (It’s Been Updated So It’s More Bearable, Your Commander Comes Back If You Lose Crew.)

  41. GamekingChris Germany

    1st few minutes is matrix style

  42. Btw guys can u use this code it gives 10 GE on the App Code is wucka pls use it :3

  43. Australian internet won’t handle it…

  44. guys can u help me my warthunder keep crashing pls the solution thx!!!

  45. phly : 30 fps = lag
    me : 30 fps := oh what a good day

  46. Congrats on 500,003 subs phly!

  47. 3:09 Please tell me i’m not the only one noticing that road sign. XD

  48. Congrats on 500k phly!!!!!!!!

  49. Just an idea for a new series, make a “Mythbusters series” about War Thunder and bust all those myths like :
    “Can a smoke shot kill a tank”?

  50. It would be nice if you could post more vlogs as well.

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