Ze Gepard, Plane & Tank Killer – War Thunder Gameplay

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Source: BaronVonGamez

Thanks for watching!


  1. You two should take out the Chaffee

  2. Hi Baron. I really enjoy your videos and cant wait to watch more. I have a
    question about War Thunder. What would be a good recon/quick attack
    vehicle? I just started playing.

  3. Flippyfragattack 676

    Yo Baron use the 8.8 CM flackbus along side the German mig15!! Attempt2


  5. A True Wisconsinite

    USE YOUR DAMN ARTY! So frustrating.

  6. Oy baron go use ze he 111 h6 on norway and be an carrier killer (best with
    3 people so you kill them all in one strike) after that just kill ze

  7. Dragonsfire gaming

    You guys should drive the zis 30, because it has armor…..not much of it,
    but it’s there

  8. Liked for thumbnail

  9. Play the M36 GMC

  10. LOL Baron, the memes are strong with this one!

  11. John Clement Cequna

    pls nerf gepard

  12. Himmlers First Lieutenant

    Take out the coelian and shoot down as many planes as possible.

  13. It allways looks like that you’re blind-firing.. i don’t get this Game.. my
    Eyes are working with 150% but i never see something when you shoot.. but
    get hits on ’em.. it’s embarassing my advanced Physics, shame on my mother
    that gave me birth instead of abortion.. umm wat..
    Oh yea, i just wanted to say nice Video again !
    Greetings from Germany ! ;D

  14. Take out the kugelcancer and rape centurions

  15. oh there’s another plane up
    in the air!
    best line so far

  16. People glitching out I see that everyday, they glitch out and some how they
    are still able to shoot and kill others. This game is fun, but seems like
    there are more bugs daily.

  17. T. Woo Official Channel


  18. Baron play the T-62 and the IL-28#1

  19. baron vs phly

  20. You and slick should take out the m55 Sheridan with the b57 for Mercia
    attempt #1

  21. how about some KV-2s next

  22. Sir Stefan Channel!

    Why are you using bandi cam tho?
    OBS is probably the best method of recording, or use shadow play (assuming
    you’ve got a Nvidia card)

  23. Baron you and slick should play the Russian Race car the BT-7

  24. Take out the po-2 with the RBT-5 but you can only use the rockets against

  25. 8:09 “and then we got that bastard that’s spawn camping”



  26. anyone know the song at the end of video 13:21

  27. BlitzWolf BlitzWolf

    a mountain of dirt, also known as a hill.

  28. M551 please!

  29. You export bitrate is the problem you should set it to something better
    than 480p breh

  30. t34 100 for the motherland!!!!!

  31. take the t26-4 and get an ace

  32. 105

  33. Aren’t the guns supposed to be radar guided on the gepard? What’s the dish
    on the back of it do?

  34. Slickbee peels my potato Baron

  35. I think I got unsubbed from your channel. Well I know I can

  36. I would prefer you guys taking out SP I C and the Matilda 4 ( the Matilda 4
    is the soviet version of the Matilda with a faster engine with the T-34/76
    gun “76mm F-34”) please baron I’d like to see you and slick take out these
    beasts.( the SP I C is a German light tank, if you play world of tanks
    you’d recognize what I’m taking about)

  37. reserve combo
    p26 with bombs
    attempt #1

  38. like the vids with slick

  39. Take out the Russian bias!
    T10M and TU4

  40. Yes but who’s slick bring back phly danke.

  41. tiger_crazy1228 or Leopard_crazy1226

    Hey Baron try playing the Chieftain MK.lll with ownly HESH rounds!

  42. Play the stronkest tenk of all of mother Russia, the DShK GAZ MM

  43. Evan Graham (Evan Arkadia)

    Dat JJBA ending

  44. that was awesome. yep. play your favouite plane and tank. as if we dont
    know. lol

  45. cheeky Jojo reference at the end there, nice!


  47. lol I was that M19 that u killed Baron, Your team wrecked us that game on
    Frozen Pass.

  48. I am from Czech republic. The slavic (CZ, PL, SK, HU, UK, etc.) women are
    very attractive :-)

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