Ze German Bulldog! War Thunder Tank Request!

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Source: BaronVonGamez

Thunder Tanks – Stug III A, The German Bulldog!

Thanks for watching!


  1. The top of this tank looks like it belongs in a borderlands game

  2. first

  3. panzerkampfenwagen2 in sucks

  4. panzerkampfenwagen2 in sucks

  5. Dominic John Vallee

    14th person to like 4 mins after release

  6. great vid baron

  7. the t60

  8. Cromwell

  9. AwesomeMaster MasterAwesome


  10. worst tank? M46 and M26 or M26E1 premium and M46 “Tiger”. Since they
    lowered the br from 8.0 to 7.7 on all tier fives, you literally play T10s
    and M60s every game. Have fun trying to pen.

  11. and the the cheklslavoken German tank it’s the first one on the marder tank
    snipers class not really

  12. and the the cheklslavoken German tank it’s the first one on the marder tank
    snipers class not really

  13. The Rebellious Clone

    T60 = stronkest tenk in game

  14. take out the t-26-4. It might have a 75 millimeter gun, but it can only
    penetrate 26 mm of armor. It also has the shitty armor of the normal t-26

  15. Worst is SU-152. So painful…

  16. baron ze 4m gaz canot kill any of ze other tankz

  17. Challenged Skoodge

    pz 3 n I like it doe

  18. jordan dowd (jord2123)

    #baronvongamez worst tank is the teir 1 american light. frontal armour is
    too thin, also russian teir 1 light. one of the two you pick.

  19. M2A2 ?

  20. t-28 with shrapnel rounds

  21. Sherman 75mm Jumbo is the worst tank in War Thunder. Amazing armor but a
    very bad gun with a high BR.

  22. The m2a2 12mm and a 7 mm what a gun

  23. Worst Tank? M2A2. It can only take out early Pz IV’s and Pz II’s xD

  24. worst are M2A2 and T-60 they cant do shit to anything imo

  25. T26 is got to be the worst

  26. the worst tank is the T10….. I hate that thing

  27. KINGCOP bananna king

    the m2 is da worst i have seen so far

  28. Roller skates mother trucker!! Lol!!

  29. For me – worst tank – T-26-4. I don’t know why but it’s just terrible at
    aiming. I also vote for T34-100 as one of worst tanks because it costs
    money and I beat it all the time using the Bulldog. Once you have sabot
    rounds in Bulldog it turns into one of my favorite tanks. I’ve even killed
    IS3 in 1 shot from side. It can beat Maus, Panther 2…you name it. And you
    won’t need to fight 7.7 tanks if you don’t want to.

  30. m2…

  31. I’ve killed friendly aircraft at least three times with arty, it’s fucking
    stupid lol

  32. I know that feel Baron. I killed myself in an assaulter with my own
    artillery before.

  33. by far the panzer III m…useless

  34. Do all open US TD’s

  35. yay,i got today my stugy 3 a ^^ and,its a awesome tank,you can mostly
    oneshot the other Tier 1,but,the Bad thing is,when u lost your Frack,vor
    driver,vor engine and Stuff like that,your dead……and !y rating for the
    wirst tank
    *T60* (and,nice Video :)

  36. panzerkampwagen III PLISSSS

  37. Hey guys, I just noticed something… What if the Russians aren’t op, they
    just spawn kill alot?

  38. I think it’s the t-34 because it is the worst balanced tank :P

  39. Take out the t-44 for mother Russia!!!

  40. The M2A2 is the worst ground vehicle in war thunder!!!!

  41. The zis-30, it may be good dealing with tanks with a br of around 2.0, but
    that thing has a br of 2.7, that means you can face t-34s when your
    strongest armor is in your gun.

  42. M22 and T-34-57

  43. The spitfire is the worst tank

  44. Pretty sure the NbFz is the worst, none of its guns can even pen a bt-5, i
    test drove it lol its awful

  45. The M4A2 has terrible armor but an even worse cannon for its tier :-D

  46. play tiger 1

  47. Worst “tank” is 4m gaz aa

  48. Obviously the hellcat is the worst tank

  49. T-26

    ahahaha never heard that before, shit mate x)
    aww man, much jiggles

  51. Tiinepaige babycommander

    the maus. play the maus.

  52. the first american tank in the game. i’ts so bad I do’t even remember the
    the name because it sucks so bad.

  53. Don’t play war thunder anymore but I play world of tanks on Xbox because my
    computer broke I forget if the pz.38 t na is in that game

  54. t60,sucks and can’t pin worth a crap


    every american tank is the worst

  56. Drive the 4M Gaz-AAA, not quite a tank but it is the worst vehicle.

  57. Worst tank is definitely the t70. Only 2 crew members + paper armor=
    instant death.

  58. think the t28 terrible tank lke the early russin tank little but goes so
    slow for its size and a crap gun think its the t28 not 100% u mite know wat
    im talikg abut

  59. worst tank? M3 Lee. useless 75mm, crappy 37mm, no armour, 2.7 BR or higher

  60. also I loved this stug when I got it. so many kills, as with the Pz 4 F1

  61. Baron, here’s an idea. Take the top two vote-getters, and set up a custom
    battle to the death with the m2a2s on one team, and the t-60s on the other
    team. That should settle the question. I gotta go play my stug, that was

  62. daniele cattabriga

    Worst tank at tier the m-18 hellcat

  63. T-60 == bestest tank ever !!!!


  65. joseph racioppi (creepmon11)


  66. m2a2

  67. Valdemar Gaardsted

    The m2a4 gitta be the worst

  68. baron do the T-60

  69. T28 with shrapnel

  70. T-60 worst tank EVAH

  71. +BaronvonGamez that would be the m2a2

  72. The t28 med with shrapnel good luck

  73. T-70!!

  74. SU-100Y

  75. M3 Stuart!

  76. T60 is def the worst tank

  77. Guess the M2A2 is the worst! Try to get a tank ace in it ?

  78. T-28 with exclusively shrapnel ammunition :D

  79. THE Pc 6 c? i forgot the numbers but try it please

  80. T-35 is the worst

  81. im so noob

  82. lol there was a area in between two rocks in the rock fortress that kep
    pushing me back when ever i moved forward so it looked like i was pumping
    the rocks

  83. Baron you should say Scheisse instead of “Oh shit” lol.

  84. Gatesnaps bmxandgaming


  85. I feel like something was missing without the face cam

  86. Actually! Baron with this Stug you are artillery or it was designed as SPG
    for infrantry support.

  87. StuH 42 G. Low velocity gun and long reload times.

  88. The M2A2!!!!

  89. Drive out the T-60 for the worst tank ever!

  90. American tier I M2. Shittiest tank in the whole game.

  91. M3 Lee plz

  92. stuh 42 G

  93. The m2a2 is the worst with a 50 and a 30 cal

  94. the m2 with the machine gun

  95. Take out the t-34 1941 sooo fun

  96. Is the 4M-Gaz considerd a tank? because that’s the worse one

  97. The Iowa class battleship is easily the worst tank in warthunder

  98. The Maus Huas and Arado 243-C4 just do it or its Mauthasen for you

  99. The m10 is pretty dam bad. Bad armor bad speed like the slowest turret in
    the gun and the gun is meh

  100. The Gaz-4M…with only 4 x 7.62mm guns

  101. I play WT too,I think you should take care of the map,maybe it will help

  102. m26E1

  103. U should play with DEEZ NUTZ next

  104. Worth tanks without a doubt has to be the t-60 must give everything is
    Stalin for just one kill in it

  105. I say the worst tank is the M2A2.

  106. noobinator Simelane

    Hardest tank to play has to be the t44

  107. Brannan Darmawi-Iskandar

    I think the worst tank in war thunder is the M2A2!

  108. hey man. he was the last time you have any of these days, and the other day
    and age, but it is. the only thing I have to do.

  109. maus ?*-*

  110. m2a2

  111. great vid

  112. how about reserve tanks and planes accept

  113. The worse tank in WT is the one I’m controlling!

  114. take out the T85 with He shells for pure op

  115. IS-1 have fun fighting Tiger 2 and or IS-2 all day

  116. yea actually its terrible all the time

  117. 0:37 you just got gaijined

  118. m2a2 machine gun tank is TERRIBLE..

  119. Blueberry the Alpaca

    i must comment for our lord

  120. M2a2!!!

  121. T60. No question.

  122. worst tank has to be the t-60.

  123. . ° ¸. ¸ :. . • ○ ° . . . ¸ . ° ¸. ● ¸ . …somewhere ° ° ¸. ● ¸ . ° :. . • °
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    up high… ● ¸ ° ° . ¸. ° . . ¸ . ° ¸. ● ¸ . … in the Universe… ° ° . . • ° .
    * :. . ¸ . ● ¸ ° . ° . . ° :. . • ○ ° :. . • ○ ° :. . • someone is copying
    and pasting this youtube comment

  124. Pz. IV C

  125. The mighty 75mm!!! Panzer kampfwagen IV Aust. E

  126. Worst tank? B-29.

  127. I think the worst tank is the m36 td

  128. m2a2 plzs!!!!!!!!

  129. T 60

  130. The worst tank is my mom

  131. kamolpat ธนะนพวรรณ

    ISU 152pls pls

  132. M2A2 is the worst…. I rage every time lol.. but if you play a unique
    tank? i don’t think you have tried the Neubaufahrzeug? anyone agree?

  133. M2A2 without a doubt.

  134. Worst tank for its rating? M4 75mm

  135. At 5:04 min he squeaks

  136. PotatoMasher Productions

    Play the pz iv c, with the 75mm of slow moving killing power

  137. That gun can be awsome at long range. Use HEAT and fire over hills where
    people with high velocity guns cant hit you.

  138. play the t-60 get a kill

  139. M3 Lee worst tank

  140. #stuglife

  141. da returded tunk: teh flakpazeeeeeeeeeeeer juan (1)

  142. T-26 please

  143. or is-1 the the br makes it hard against the tigers and is-2

  144. m22 or m60 soviet light tank

  145. T 60/70/80s are all bad tanks.

  146. worst tank? m2a2 all day, and i dare you to get a kill

  147. Also the t 26 e.

  148. the tog is the worst tank

  149. T-60 or t-50 the first cause it is terrible and the second cause you
    somehow end up in over tiered matches.

  150. M2A2 by far.

  151. Do m2a2 td

  152. THE M22 LOCUST IS THE WORST!!!!! I hate that tank!

  153. why are you and Phly playing on your private accounts for the moment?

  154. Good steering, seems to have made up for the lack of a turret.

  155. 2000 rp lmao

  156. m2a2 is the worst

  157. What ever i’m driving at the time.

  158. T-60 it is pointless to play unless you use it as an SPAA

  159. t60. Stalin’s terrible tank.

  160. M2A2. If anyone here plays American Tanker is Heroes and Generals, you know
    my pain. >:(

  161. drive the M2a2 Reserve Tank

  162. M2A2, Only a tankette…

  163. I love that term, Tonkyo Drifting 😛
    And I’m going to say the same tank I did last time
    Or whatever the name is for the first German tank.

  164. BaronVonGamez was to ask how to make war thuder fence me in vain I
    vastantes fps to 11 and then pieso you should know I do not speak English
    could help everything is translator : D I can do to make me a high fence

  165. don’t just play a bad tank. use the crap 8mm high explosive rounds. I bet
    you can’t get a single kill with those.

  166. T-80

  167. T-60 Russian Pz II fail

  168. play t-34 57 pls

  169. If you count any ground vehicle, the 4M GAZ AAA is by far the worst. But if
    we count only tanks, the M2A2 is prob the worst. The T-60 is actually

  170. German Shepard (MrGamePlayer3)

    The long barreled beatiful <3 10.5 cm tiger

  171. Sadistic Spece Marine

    that stug tanks gun reminds me of my penis :(.

  172. M2 is deffo the worse

  173. Play the M10 wolverine

  174. M46 and M26

  175. I believe that Michael Wittmann commanded a Stug before he got assigned to
    his Tiger.

  176. m22 in any game mode. it sucks

  177. cornellius cornwall

    m2a2 worst tank 1n d3 w0r1d

  178. t-60

  179. cornellius cornwall

    . ° ¸. ¸ :. . • ○ ° . . . ¸ . ° ¸. ● ¸ . …somewhere ° ° ¸. ● ¸ . ° :. . • °
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    up high… ● ¸ ° ° . ¸. ° . . ¸ . ° ¸. ● ¸ . … in the Universe… ° ° . . • ° .
    * :. . ¸ . ● ¸ ° . ° . . ° :. . • ○ ° :. . • ○ ° :. . • someone is copying
    and pasting this youtube comment

  180. quad maxim Toyota

  181. The T-80 is the worst. It has a 45mm 20-K cannon and a high BR, so it gets
    killed quickly.

  182. Micheal Wittmann was a STuG ace.

  183. Thing is there really isn’t a WORST tank. They were all approved by their
    rightful countries and are all designed for different tasks. I would say
    however that the m2 medium is the worst because it’s armor is terrible,
    it’s is really slow and only has a 37 mm gun based on the types of matches
    it gets into

  184. 9:05 the german bulldog ist so wunderbar :D

  185. su-152 hate the armor love the gun

  186. M2A2 is such a bad tank lol

  187. Worst tank by far and away is the T-60…or as I like to call it, “Stalin’s
    Peashooter” because the thing is incapable of penning anything…

  188. M2A2!!!!!

  189. I’d have to say the worst vehicles in ground forces is the GAZ 4M

  190. Worst tank? M2A2. Without any doubt whatsoever.

  191. Can you drive the kv-1

  192. The worst in war thunder is by far the tiger 1 H. It has to go against
    tanks that over teir it all the time. The match making is awful in this
    game. Please help me Baron.

  193. T-70….

  194. the M2A2 is the worst

  195. The m2a2 the worst tank ever

  196. Slick will agree, the Panzer2

  197. ROBLOX Security Chief Executive Officer Isaaccm

    Utterly useless T60 ._. | Tatatatatatatat lol | Love your vids and ze
    german tanks! :)

  198. Worst tank? Pz 35 “light” tank. It’s about as light as bricks

  199. m22 locus is worst

  200. Baron your German voice is the best. one would say its Vondzefult

  201. M2A2 tier 1 reserve tank is pretty much an armored anti-infantry tank

  202. Christopher Paille

    Stug Life

  203. M2A2, or what ever the american reserve tank is with 2 turrets with a .50
    cal in each

  204. stuh 42g

  205. bt5 is the worst tank

  206. Your ignorance makes me cringe

    m2a2. The american’t

  207. T60 very Stronk for Vodkastalin Komras

  208. Baron please I want to see you try the HESH round.

  209. T-60 is definitely da worst tank
    -no armour
    -no penetration
    -very long reload
    -TWO crew members

  210. hey can someone please help me out. OK so I am a Ps4 tank battler in war
    thunder RB. Seeing other people play I’m a RB match enemy tanks have name
    tags. whenever I play no tanks have name tags.If everybody is like that
    then I’m going crazy but I feel like every enemie I encounter somehow has
    the jump on me.Please help!!

  211. M103

  212. T-80 is a piece..

  213. U.S. T-28 td or teddy Roosevelt will send you to Alcatraz island #lol

  214. M2A2 American Light Tank

  215. Would have to be….. The T60 Russian tier 1/reserve tank. Can’t dish out
    much pain, can’t take any.

  216. Russian SMK is a multi-turret piece of crap!

  217. “I’m on roller skates motherf*cker “

  218. BARON drive the M8A1 aka tier 1 hellcat

  219. M3 lee!!!

  220. Sigurd Stenstadvold

    T-60 or M2A2

  221. t80fucking suck ass t60 0p lol m2a2 has a 50 mane gun plez up vot

  222. Stuh 42 and panther F.

  223. US easy 8 with the 105 fully loaded with HE only!

  224. i hit a friendly plane with artillery once too, stupidest thing ever…

  225. Lol this with the artelliery was this on ash river at Point C ?

  226. I enjoy this tank I do work with it overtime i have used it

  227. Alexandra Johansson

    play the T60 Stalins peashooter!!

  228. Даниэль Люне

    The mighty T-60

  229. play star wars battlefront!

  230. m6a1 in RB

  231. The Exploding Mushrooms !?

    T 80 or m2a2

  232. m2 a4 pls

  233. Worst tank: M2A2

  234. come on guys we all know the m6a1 is complete ass. Can’t pen the front of
    almost everything it faces but can be popped like a grape by everything it

  235. m6a1 I think it’s the easiest one shot

  236. Holy tits. They took your account?

  237. EredivisieSkillsNL

    Do next time the JS-2 The Stalin Tank! The Russian Beast!

  238. this tank was originally designed for atilary support for Germany troops on
    the move in world War two

  239. Barons da bestest evar

  240. P.S there is a better version of that tank and also called it a tank

  241. @Jake Walrath Locust is fun in realistic modes because you can sneak
    (because it is small and fast) to enemy side and shoot it very close range
    without he can’t shoot you.

  242. M103 without heat

  243. jfjhjf ytrhjy rtgertfg

    M2A2. Definetly. it sucks. Only SPAAs have so pathetic guns, and they have
    more of them. Also, SPAAs are supposed to bring down planes and not other

  244. Arturo Quirantes Ros

    Worst tank? The M2A2 obviously!

  245. There were stug aces 😀 Halonen for example

  246. M3 Grant/Lee

  247. +BaronVonGamez You going to sign the new Gaijin community
    contributor/partnership agreement that is mentioned on reddit?

  248. The worst of Amarika! The worst of WarThunder! The m2a2!

  249. Holy shit you were lucky in this round!

  250. M2A2 simply worst tank

  251. Geometry Dash Palomo

    T-26-4 Baron!

    Ze worst tier 1 75 cannon!


  253. The Russian Milk truck followed by the German premium “bunny tank” are
    easily the two absolute WORST vehicles in WT by far! The Milk truck ain’t
    killing a damned thing, hell it isn’t even decent at killing planes, and
    the bunny tank? Same gun as the DAK but NO MACHINE GUN and only 300 rounds
    which it goes through like crap through a goose!

    So yeah you wanna do nothing but fail? Milk truck. You wanna spend half the
    game trying to get to the cap to get some ammo? Bunny. The only positive
    for the bunny is that you can kill a couple tanks before you are out of
    ammo (and again completely defenseless,whereas at least the DAK can shoot a
    machine gun at planes).

    You want a challenge Baron? Lets see you kill some tank with the milk
    truck, hell get ANY kill in the milk truck, as I have yet to see that thing
    kill squat!

  254. “A couple Stug aces out there…” Well, Wittman started out in Stugs. Also,
    Hugo Primozic is credited with 68 kills in a Stug.

  255. I think is the t60/70/80 as I dunno why they are in the game as u don’t
    need to scout in the game plus they are too weak in a 1v1 tank battle

  256. The hopeless Panzer II

  257. It’s has to be t-60 ok? ?

  258. m2a2 all day long

  259. T-26 is terrible

  260. Mr Baron i say the worst tank would have to be the IS-1 aka the IShitty 1

  261. t60 and m2a2 are so bad they should be aa tanks!

  262. hi pz. f 2

  263. The wonderful one and only hetzer

  264. The Stug III A is weak at long range because it was designed as an
    artillery vs. infantry.

  265. BaronVonGamez i think is the KV2

  266. Michael Malek (NullPunkt)

    the shitty double turreted american reserve with a .50 and a .30 cal. i
    think it was one of the m2’s

  267. Alex “Draco223” SV

    Michael Wittman was an StuG ace.

  268. Alex “Draco223” SV


  269. C’mon, let’s be honest guys. The King tiger with the 105mm is the worst
    tank in the whole game.

  270. theodosis polytarxos

    m4a3 (105) is the worst

  271. The Stug III is a Jadtpanzer,
    it Jag’s Panzer!


    Baron ich liebe deine Videos! ♥

  272. do the is 4m pls

  273. You want bad? M2A2

  274. The T-26 is an instant one shot. Worst tank ever. AND its slow.

  275. Geometry Dash Electroman

    M2A2 Dat crazy Tank Destroyer! And Im sure :-)))

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