Ze New German Tanks! Jagdpanzer 4-5, Panzwerwerfer 42 (War Thunder 1.53)

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  1. 13 views? Damn I sure am here early!

  2. What vehicles or tanks do you want to see on the dev server next? What do
    you want me to cover?

  3. 1 min ago… O.o

  4. baron I love ur videos u make me want to wake up in the morning

  5. do the t 92 again

  6. since the new rocket vechiles have been added you know what to
    do……rocket vechiles vs rocket vechiles!

  7. The Germans in world war 2 had gyro stabilized tanks

  8. Shermans had already giro scopes estabilizers

  9. Baron. Imma Cat. mew.

  10. Baron what do u think of this http://warthunder.com/en/devblog/current/843
    ? E 100 in the game, for the win!

  11. Russians were the first to have the aim stabilizers and that was in WW2

  12. I love saying Panzwerwerfer and Jagdpanzer , as a native english speaker
    with atypical western naivety to the german language and nuance in correct
    pronunciation, It makes me feel like I can speak German fluently ;P

  13. I really wished for the centurion and those other tanks on the dev server
    but gaijin just like “hehehe we will make you wait”

  14. Drive backwards on the Jagdpanzer, it’s awesome

  15. i dont know,i dont know…still loving my jgdtiger…jagdpanzer looks so
    fragil and cute in comparation XD

  16. greetings from Turkey :D

  17. This is honestly a really boring update. very few new planes, Germany only
    got low tier planes and not the best tanks. Also not to disapoint you guys
    THIS UPDATE! -.- Only the four premium tanks on the dev server are gonna be
    added for now! There are too many holes in the tree so they wont add it

  18. This is a Panzerwerfer. It werfs Panzers.

  19. baron von schnaps

  20. Geometry Dash Palomo

    m8´S TELL ME PLEASE!!!! Is this ze dev server or what?

  21. Baron, you should use a 6.7 tank in arcade and show how much bullshit it is
    that it they have to fight T-10s and Maus’. Cause i have very little luck
    in my Tiger 2 H and P against those tanks. 

  22. baron play American Heavy tank

  23. Lmao it werfs panzers

  24. now i want the Stuka zu Fuß!

  25. Seeing a Range Finder would be Glorious

  26. you should try going backward with the jpz 4-5 it’s almost as fast as

  27. Is in ps4?

  28. Please answer me

  29. ze firefly

  30. The face reminds me of Thomas the Tank Engine :D

  31. +BaronVonGamez
    The rockets are HE and act exactly like HE howitzers rounds: if you score a
    hit on a tank turret, in a spot close to the hull roof (I.e if you hit
    right under the gun) the blast will shrapnel pieces of the usually very
    thin( around 10-20mm) hull roof down inside the tank, exploding ammos, fuel
    tanks and reducing poor tankers to grounded meat, like you said.
    if you score the right hit you can kill a maus with a 150mm rocket, trust
    the only other cases of successful hit on reasonably armored vehicles s if
    you manage to get a shot right under a tank, but this is a very uncommon

  32. How come you only play arcade?. Why not mix it up. I find arcade more
    balanced but not being able to hide and the aim marker just makes it a pain
    to try to outflank or play well with some tanks that have no armor or
    reverse speed. Once they start shooting you are gone.

  33. M4 medium had a basic gyro vertical stabilization I think it was first tank
    what uset it in combat

  34. fuel tanks and the engines in the russian tanks are extra armor
    BaronVonGamez-Oct 25, 2015

  35. I wish you could somehow deploy mines, tank obstacles and whatnot in War
    Thunder, like you can in Project Reality.

  36. do the new do17s XD

  37. how is it that the t95 medium m48 medium and m551 depry tank not making it
    into wt yet

  38. man when you try to speak in foreign language makes me laugh hard keep
    making these vids man your appreciated

  39. when will this be out

  40. It would be cool if the rocket vehicles are used more like artillery. Also
    ATGM’s would be cool.

  41. seems like the Panzwerwerfer reloads faster than the KV-2 though…

  42. most favourirte!!! Firefly, but non british, probably the T25

  43. the black Prince is my favorite tank

  44. ima buy it

  45. Norbert Deerhunter

    About the JPz 4-5, there is a report in a German Magazine, that this thing
    out accelerated a Porsche sports car (only acceleration not final speed of
    Btw the real ones had MG3s, not MG42s. The 42 shoots a bit faster.

  46. Baron use the stug with 105mm and only use HE rounds, it is surprisingly
    very effective

  47. something with Pe-8 pls

  48. dude you should take it and fight against plains rockets vs bombs!

  49. There will never be player controlled infantry… And with good reason.

  50. Hey baron, awesome custom game idea: ground forces with rockets vs. planes.

  51. Baron a kv2 with katyusha rockets is madness.

  52. Baron a kv2 with katyusha rockets is madness.

  53. i wanna see a Maus vs T-95 Match :)

  54. Baron u are amazing u help me with alot of stuff when I need help keep up
    the good work

  55. Why does it take Baron a week to put something out that only takes 15
    minutes to make…

  56. when will they add the flakpanzer gepard it was introduced in 1970.

  57. BaronVonPanzerwerfer

  58. I just want to know when the update is gonna drop. I’m tired of waiting at
    this point lol.

  59. Jagdpanzer 4-5? Its a bloody Jagdpanzer Kanone

  60. Are 1.53 out?

  61. I’m shocked nobody has referred to the rockets on that thing as “Screaming
    Mimi’s” yet.

  62. how much will ze panzerwerfer cost?

  63. +BaronVonGamez play the mighty maus

  64. war war 2

  65. war war 2

  66. WT looks like they are copying wargaming’s vehicles. Unless these were
    actually produced and should be in there.

  67. Artem “artemikRus” Chaykin

    Heil Hitler!

  68. Panzerwefer has 150mm rocket

  69. Nikolai Stankevich

    Nice vid baron. Can’t wait to play all the new tanks

  70. all those fuel tank hits with HEAT roudns and they never explode makes me

  71. Custom battle rockets vs rockets

  72. +BaronVonGamez Sorry Baron… I like your videos but this one misses the
    mark by a long shot (no pun intended)
    Don’t you think it would be a good idea to let your subs know how much coin
    they will have to part with to get these Premium tanks? Also, the realism
    of this game is going down the toilet imo. All these “rocket” weapons were
    only used as area denial weapons i.e they are were artillery. To put them
    into a A/T role is beyond a joke. In a real world scenario those rockets
    would hardly scratch the paint off a tank. It seems Gaijin are just
    cynically pushing these “Premium” vehicles into new roles with superhuman
    powers… and charging top dollar for the privilege. Basically it smacks of
    a “Pay to Win” scenario..
    I appreciate you’re plugging the game… but I think you need to be more
    critical of the negative aspects as well

  73. Ludorije Duda Srbijagames

    black princ

  74. this isn’t a mg42 it’s a mg3 (in rl)

  75. Artem “artemikRus” Chaykin


  76. Francisco Ontiveros

    has this update came out?

  77. I love your vídeos man! i always like and share!

  78. Rasmus Arvid Pedersen

    No tank ad plane tbd 1

  79. baron did you know that you can kill the t-26 with .30 caliber machineguns
    since it has 6 mm at the back section of the tank :p

  80. Alter der panzerwerfer wirft keine panzer.

  81. Hi guys! Can you help me ban one dick from WT who just killed me? His name
    is PIROMAN64rus he’s a teamkiller and a dick to people, he just killed me
    for blockimg him on an open field in the spawn because I was writing in
    chat and didnt want to go aroumd me. Pls help and thank you for the help!

  82. I think the American Sherman tanks had the turret stabilizers, one of the
    major up sides was some of their ability to shoot on the move.

  83. LOL! Panzerwerfer is German for Tank Thrower!

  84. how do u turn grass on

  85. Arturo Quirantes Ros

    Gotta sleep
    “Baronvongamez uploaded a new video”
    Well, night is long :D

  86. In WoT is the Hetzer a slow shithole

  87. Baron, custom battle of panzerwerfers vs reserves

  88. the mg on the Jagdpanzer 4-5 is a mg3 (basicly a slightly more modern MG 42
    chambered in 7.62 NATO)

  89. they had gyroscopic stabilisers in the Sherman tanks and should be in all
    British tanks, is French tanks come along it should be in all French tanks
    due to the fact it was a French man who invented it.

  90. Alfonso Romero (Infet)

    “You can dig down to the Nether” lol #MineThunder

  91. Do tha American 105 mm tank destroyer

  92. my name is my name

    they need to add spalling

  93. baron german not french

  94. I believe the Sherman has the gyro gun, weather it’s in the game I don’t

  95. I haven’t got this update yet, how do I get it???

  96. WeiserMeisterpropper

    The Jagdpanzer 4-5 ist actually post-ww2 tank, and that’s not an mg42 it’s
    an mg3 (mg42 with a slower rate of fire).
    Luv ya videos :)

  97. why does baron fire his machinegun everytime he shoots his main gun

  98. In case of 15cm Nebelwerfer 41 rocket motor is actually in front section so
    when it hits fragmetnation warhead stays above ground.

  99. john munguia hernandez

    i didnt get the update y

  100. 0/10 IGN not enough werfing of ze panzers

  101. When will ps4 users get this??!!

  102. KV-2 with Katyusha? Look up KV-VI. Close enough ;)

  103. War Thunder is now jumping into Cold War proper, I wonder when can we see
    ATGMs flying across the map…

  104. Damn, you’re right Baron, ones seen it’s can not be unseen… those eyes
    are burned into my brain meats…

  105. you didn’t try the Kanonenjagdpanzer reverse drive.

  106. “-Hey guuuys!” ^^

  107. They had vertical stabilizers back but as far as I have learned is that the
    U.S. Forces were the only ones that used them up until the gulf war

  108. I admire your appreciation of German engineering. Do not humor yourself
    with the armor I have reinforced these machines with; you will be blown to
    bits before you can mock the might of the father land.

  109. Also Panzerwerfer werfen doch keine Panzer XDSo Panzerwerfer don’t throw
    Panzer’S XDGreetings from Germany^^

  110. Meh that new german tank will get 1 shotted just like all the others :(

  111. I never thought about the fact that PanzerWerfer sounds strange if you
    don’t interpret it^^ The translation would be “Armored Launcher”

  112. rocket tanks are funny

  113. rocket tanks are funny

  114. ze panzerwerfer doesn’t werf panzers. it werfs at panzers. :P

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