Ze RUSSIAN Germans are COMING! (War Thunder Gameplay)

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  1. American walker bulldog

  2. warcraft m o vie is in the center

  3. good I like it

  4. dude italy won 2games yah

  5. PLAY THE HETZER!! it doesnt get enough love :3

  6. mahadisal ahadani

    ME:wow am dead………..KV-2, tiger, IS-1 WTF t-34-85, what a deadly
    combination in this game… (that feels when you can’t do anything but to
    accept it. >_<)

  7. since i am german i am watching the euro cup… germany perfomed pretty
    well so far 😀 (could have been better but who cares)

  8. Hey Baron, whats your opinion about the mess that War Thunder made with the
    Battle Rating, they messed up everything by trying not to put ATGM’s in the
    same BR than WWII tanks…

  9. Hey Baron! Jokes on you… I like the “intro song link.”

  10. Top 5 most ridiculous deaths?

  11. Yamatoforever2199

    I’d love to see you play the Porsh Tiger premium, may or may not effect my
    thoughts on buying it, can’t wait to see what gets picked be it this or
    not, until your next video baron, have a good night/day

  12. PLS play with the american m103 ☺☺☺

  13. Fuckin love the intro bro!!!

  14. Kristian čolak-barać

    You motherfucker!

  15. Buy KV-II or T-34(r)?

  16. i have like 2 whole playlists of this stuff

  17. baron can u play the hetzer next

  18. The N0o_b game r :3

    Knowing movie based off of games it’s going to be shit but you never know
    Warcraft could change history it could be the first actual good game based

  19. so the bitly link is a rickroll ?

  20. Gfy, I haven’t been enjoying war thunder lately especially when I keep
    getting killed in paper towel M18, getting bad maps and one shotted from
    every angle

  21. Can you get a real intro song link

  22. The tortoise

  23. jeremy van marle

    no use for me to watch the eurocup lol my country is not playing this year
    and no way in hell i would be for the red devils no way id rather stick to
    the orange lion :)

  24. for a captured french tank I’d love to see the pnzkw b2

  25. A little tank history of you Baron. The cameo is not a desert scheme it is
    panzer yellow or dunkel gelb. This was the color all German tanks where
    painted at the factory form Feb 43 until Sept 44. It was really a tractor
    paint before they started slapping it on tanks. It replaced panzer grey.
    Also the Germans did paint lager crosses on all of their captured
    tanks(Brutpanzers) for the very reason you thought.

  26. I got Rick Rolled :(

  27. “br is based on player performance” top kek, Baron.
    I’m sure that’s why the t34-85 is still 5.3 despite it HILARIOUSLY over
    performing since its br was lowered. Or why the m4a3 is still 5.3 despite
    being a 4.3 at best quality vehicle. (or the super pershing still being
    6.7, or the maus not having its br raised despite being literally
    unkillable from its front by any 6.0 (and 95% of 6.7s)

  28. I can say about new intro, meh. Its looks so basic.

  29. Matija “viski252” Kolarić

    this video was borrrrrrriinnnnnnnggg!

  30. Matija “viski252” Kolarić

    Drive out the F6F hellcat with the M18 hellcat

  31. elmer gutierrrez

    the warcraft mivie was kibda good

  32. elmer gutierrrez


  33. Lol click on the link to the intro song xaxaxaxaxa U troll baron xD

  34. sir izan the great

    hey Baron ur intro should be the stars and stripes by Toby Keith plz

  35. SnakesAreSpecial

    Play Iron Front 1944 ArmA 3 Mod!!!

  36. Hey Baron, I have a question about the KV-2. (lol coincidence in our names)
    Wasn’t it so that the KV-2 (1939) sometimes had a crew consistent of just
    one crewmember?
    Greetins from Holland,

  37. I dont mind the music but it plays too long in my opinion

  38. ASU-57

  39. You are killing machine

  40. it seems that i’m op because i come with kv2 in only battles with tiger 2

  41. Demain Donovan Smith

    NCS release intro ask plydialy

  42. I watched the warcraft movie and definitely had a good time. At times the
    story wasn’t exactly the best and some characters were pretty camp, though
    I’ve read the books and might be biased since I loved them, but the fight
    scenes were awesome and I kinda liked the designs. Overall perhaps not a
    “great” movie but I would recommend it.

  43. baron i hear you say we need french tanks but why not dutch planes like the
    fokker g-1 of the Fokker D.XXI

  44. I think war thunder should just have an allies and Axis side, with all then
    countries that were allies or axis play together, like Americans and

  45. How long is the maximum for the replays

  46. song sucks

  47. Warcraft=Great movie Baron see it!!

  48. Play the STRV 81.

  49. kv2s vs Sturer Emils

  50. WOW that intro baron soo awesomee!!!

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