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  2. 3.3 for Russians is like 5.7 for Germans, t-34s and milk trucks to butcher panzer IIIs, but the Germans get panthers and tigers to mutilate IS-1s and t-34-85s

  3. 德意志第四帝國 習近平元首


  4. 0:57 Boss you killed a child

  5. There should be an r3 zombie hoard gamemode. That’s what the first game felt like.

  6. can you do a clip in the M3 GMC please PhlyDaily

  7. Oohhhh shit getting real close to dat mil

  8. This was realistic battle mode ?

    ZIS-12: *exists*

  10. Morrowind in the intro? Thumbs up for that.

  11. I gotta start playing around the time Phly does. Look at all that food for my SPAAs!

  12. Hay phly did you play hunter F-6 after last BR change ?

  13. 1:02 that’s what she said😆😆😆😆

  14. ALMOST A 1.000.000!!!!!

  15. the recoils was so absurd i just gave up on that, Gaijin needs to learn that double guns like these didnt fired both guns at the same time, they alternate firing to increase hit probability and reduce recoil

  16. looks like Eustace’s truck from Courage the Cowardly Dog Show.


    tnx for 1440p 😉

  18. You should play the Yak-30, don’t think iv seen that one on ur channel before

  19. What if let phlee had some training to help out some fans who play war thunder that wanna know the way of the phly

  20. This music is a mooood! 🕺🏼

  21. Do you guys know what the “SA” server mean?

  22. the OG Toyota technical

  23. Thanks Phly for making me want to play Morrowind again lol (I’ts not hard to convince me, the small voice line at the beginning was enough haha)

  24. Make wideo about jak9k 45mmcannon

  25. um, phly, i couldnt help but notice u werent using the correct ammunition for shooting at aircraft, u were firing solid shot ap the whole time

  26. How is this 3.3 if r3 is 3.7

  27. I’m surprised they went for this, rather the (imo?) more famous zu-23-2

  28. 0:56 u killed a child!!!

  29. I hate those things. they can run across the map just like the R3 and i have a really hard time killing them.
    When i play them myself, i get stuck pretty much everywhere and i can’t really handle the recoil

  30. Best comrade vehicle!!!

  31. New battleships are coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Take out the f 86 b stock attempt 7

  33. Phly pls bring bt5 or at least bt7 to toptier.

  34. Can someone explain why that some SPAAs with full amo have a second slot for same amo to choose it?

  35. 0:58 the greatest pain a man has ever experienced

  36. zISIS toyota pickup

  37. ZiS-12 in Dagor 5: “hmm yes totally balans)))”

    ZiS-12 in Dagor 6: *screeching in russian*

  38. burak hüseyinoğlu

    Lets get Steve to 1 MILLION subs come on!!!!!!

  39. Sidolin Einhundert

    …. this shit fully overpowered ZIS-12 runs 51Km/h on each ground (example: RU251 ~ 40-50 on the field !!! L O L ) and the gun is better than Ostwind I, II !!! (” ….the “East Wind II” the 3.7 cm Flak Twin 44 (version of Type 43) with two adjacent pipes. These two prototypes were considered to be the most powerful flak tanks of the Second World War”.
    Source: Wikipedia)
    …….. and this shit ZIS-12 stands only for one of many totally shitty realized vehicles / airplanes!
    What kind of bullshit has Ga(Y)jin programmed, so called realistic? All Ga(Y)jin employees seem to be Putin henchmen! They often change many game parameters without informing the (paying) players (customers). Ga(Y)jin employees are arousing ignorant FULLIDIOTS.
    The game was once good, now total unrealistic junk!
    Unfortunately there is no competing product on the market otherwise the players would have already left the game and please do not come to me with the children’s game World of Tanks.

  40. Wawa shortie Plays

    Phly:ok let’s stay hidden

    (Moves into the open)

  41. use t-60 kill 10

  42. Can you do an update video on the BM-8-24

  43. Joyride1231 Masterchief

    Hey Phly was it in which you sung a song that sounded like a 90’s add?

  44. Yanuchi Uchiha: Anime, Games and Ramdomness

    You see, I am fine with twin 25 mm guns being able to penetrate light armor. But, how the hell do 7.62 mm do it?

  45. It’s so retarded Gaijin gives this milk truck from the 20’s a MUCH better mobility (on and off road) than, for instance, the somewhat modern Swedish Strf/Lvkv’s which have tracks.

  46. Aaaaa what game mode is this

  47. German Kaiserreich

    Oh shit only 3k subs left for 1 million

  48. Hey Phly could you please take out the pt-76 with APCR only Attempt #6

  49. dieselbreather 123

    The Russian milk glass launcher

  50. phly can you make a video with dancing polish in it attempt #1

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