ZSU-57-2 TANK DESTROYER (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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-2 (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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  1. Phly it’s time so suffer so play the archer

  2. I have never gotten the new map! Anyone else?

  3. DO THE M4a2 76 SHERMAN!, cmon guys vote for this!!!

  4. Phly do the m36, for Murica

  5. AA=Anti-Anything

  6. Yo Phly, get the Hs b3 duck plane and kill at least 1 tank in simulator….
    played with it 14 times but never got a kill. Hope you will in 1 game :D

  7. play maus

  8. gasdorfic muncher

    no videos on cromwel rp rocket thingy

  9. Luukas de Godzinsky

    pls do maus gameplay

  10. Try to shoot a rocket out of the air! You might need a friend though, and
    we know you don’t have any +PhlyDaily lol jk

  11. Phly… one day I’m going to get my saxophone and play everybody outside
    your house at nighttime.

  12. American M10

  13. should be using musics from Command andConquer Red Alert series lel
    this tanks is basically nicknamed ‘the apocalypse tank’ referring to that
    game in Chinese community due to the double gun and the devastating
    firepower(although the defense isnt that good)

  14. i love this comunity i played this game for 2 years and now i know tanks
    and planes from ww2 better than i know the alphabet XD

  15. play Gaz AAA

  16. This was just great man! Love it!

  17. play with leopard and ho 229

  18. Could you play the premium M26E1?

  19. 18:42 i’m not strong enough to get pass this metal… Nobody is strong
    enough that is russian metal

  20. The guy that killed you from the grave was called Schadenfreude.

  21. M22 locust with p38 because speeeeed is keeeeeeey !

  22. Phly play the kv 2 for troll cannon lulz and guided surface to air 152


  24. Leafy's Pet Platypuss

    e 100 is like maus but little less armor but more curvy curves

  25. Amazing luck on stalingrad

  26. 14:48 Only Leopard driver was dead but Phly got the kill WTF ?

  27. Great gameplay!

  28. Admiral's Advisor

    “do we have any It-1s?” sees 8 of em. “oh fuck.”

  29. THE tier 1 german tank destroyer

  30. Lukas Robitschko

    pls play the m19 next you have not ever done a gameplay about it

  31. It’s pay-to-win game, isn’t it? Just reached lvl/rank 5 or whatever it’s
    called, and now I can’t do shit to most of the tanks. Tried different
    tanks, STUG F being with the highest penetrative power, and still, most of
    the times my shells do extremely low dmg or no dmg at all. Explosive,
    penetrative shells, 0 difference.

  32. Shoot that missile down Phly!

  33. Peace Army (박준효)

    hi phly! :)

  34. use the sturer Emil an the fascist do.335 aka tank killer

  35. For the 9th Attempt!!! Phly takeout the daddy of the Dicker Max, the Sturer
    Emil and for plane, the HE219, gl!!!

  36. Looks like it hasint changed, still OP piece of crap since GF weere
    introduced, one sided as always.

  37. how change garage?

  38. how can this 57mm round pen 200mm armour when a 57mm churchill cant pen my
    nutsack,also it came into service in 55,gayjin dont you know ww2 had ended
    10 years prior

  39. LordHH Nonamehere

    why is this ZSU-57 even a thing.. this thing this fucking dum…

  40. A30 Challenger, I have not seen many people play it

  41. Go Comet I bratan.

  42. IS-4M and Yak 4. Please

  43. Phly you should do more besiege

  44. Where is world of warships

  45. Jasper Slendebroek

    The Jagdtiger or leopard

  46. the Dutch Hunter

    stug III g and the fw 190 a1

  47. Haven’t seen a T25 in action so could it be a contender

  48. Pls tell me how to change this object on 2.17

  49. Ianislav Georgiev

    Comrades in the CCCP they make 2 in one AA and a TD all in one, And a Light
    tank , medium tank all in one pakage, buy now, premium only

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