ZSU HUNTING – Falcon 30mm AUTO CANNONS (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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ZSU HUNTING – Falcon 30mm AUTO CANNONS (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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  1. Cromwell please

  2. Song when zsu has spawn shield?

  3. “Oouuu yeaaah! Nothing like a little bit of ZSU in the morning…” XD

  4. Play the zsu 57 and the il-28, dont do what the game wants you to, screw aa
    and screw bombing, play the thug life combo

  5. wolf_raid from twiter Paslaitis


  6. I’m so pissed because I play war thunder as well and my account got fucking
    hacked I was going to completely just throw my computer but I didnt

  7. pe8 and pv4

  8. Moonraker And Elizabeth

    Grille 15 Reply The comment PLZ

  9. blackwarrior123 knor


  10. Play the ZSU go tiger hunting

  11. Im from Russia.

  12. “So we can spawncamp them”

    Well, That would be a dick move but… ZSU 57.

  13. Thomas Wildrabbit

    Play the Avenger & Avenger, British Hellcat combo

  14. Play the zsu and see if you can get 10 kills in a game

  15. After having played Warthunder ships on the Gamescom, I have to say: it is
    much faster than Ground Forces.

  16. in the video did you sing the song khatjosha?

  17. change climb to the top of the highest mountain in carpathians your choice
    of tank

  18. Phly Phly!!! Have a custom match where one side has all tier german SPAA
    and another team with M18 hellcats charging at the other team.

  19. T-35-76 please. Its my favorite tank.

  20. “Катюша” was great!

  21. hi phly i watch all your vidoes and i wan’t you to play the asu 57 please

  22. Anyone else think they need to add the Centurion 1 with the 17 pounder and
    the coaxial 20mm cannon?

  23. take out the mighty comet mk1 with sabot round at 5.3 and the mighty
    spitfire mkVc

  24. Dimitrios Daratzikis

    can you play toy soldiers


    IS 3 the king of 1 shot!

  26. Christopher Putra

    play ZIS 30

  27. OMG i love it so much when u play anti air stuff next kugel

  28. Comrade, Stalin recommend you use T-34 for Mother Russia


  30. M9 steve i fucking love the russian music in your videos all your russian
    jokes are awesome

  31. bt-7 and bb-1

  32. how do u get binocs?

  33. SU 57 Russian Premium Halftrack :D

  34. Seems like Phly got addicted to russian old music. Охренеть и правда – мало
    того, что он сам попытался спеть, так еще и вставил ее в видео.

  35. Play as the pz2 c and the plane shall be a bf109k

  36. Play the Bussian Rias T92, with the same HEAT as the PT76, but 1.4 BR
    higher without being amphibious~

  37. That guy in the Pe 8 must have been salty about you killing him with a
    falcon AA .

  38. Awesome Music, Awesome Scene ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  39. Churchill Mk.III

  40. centurion mk.10 + vampire , indo-pak war style.

  41. Please put bushes on your tanks

  42. Whats the name of the russia song at 12:33

  43. Commanderkid Vids

    T34 big time

  44. 5:44 shots fired!! woopwoop

  45. Phly, I’v been being ignored for too long now, its time you face it, the
    only tank you’ve never played on this channel, take of the american T 92.
    The time has come mate.

  46. t – 29 American tank destroyer plzz AKA DOOM TURTLE

  47. Berthold Von Zahringen VI


  48. Ze leopard 1. Make ze fatherland proud!

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