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  1. Battlefield 4 is fun and really cool

  2. Nice done for the sponsor!

  3. Thought this is sponsored by HuaWei

  4. So what blackmail do they have on you this time?… Your ASU-57 baby pictures?

  5. Skittles but with chocolate inside

    I like how this thing looks

  6. What’s buggier, War Thunder or Cyberpunk?

  7. Which one to buy m46 Tiger, m26e1 or super hellcat?

  8. Bernardo Maffessoni

    Why that guy disappeared

  9. the reverse on this tank looked so painful. reminded me of the Panther tanks reverse yeesh. loved the bf4 intro Phly!

  10. Vizhu Vrazheskiy Jet!

  11. Phly: This video…
    Me: *smigol meme intensifies*

  12. Yo Phly, I just happened across your video from last year about shooting down aircraft with the 88 Flakbus..


    Mr. @PhlyDaily, I have a challenge for you. I’ve seen you’re perfectly capable of dropping aircraft with a multitude of vehicles, but can you do it…..

    With a Waffentrager?

    I may be the only one nutty enough to make a habit out of this, but I figured if anyone else could get the job done, it would be you.
    Care to accept? 🙂

  13. Single flow transmission in gaijin’s world, means -4kph reverse speed

  14. 17:51 ??? Heeh? He shot through 2 Leopard tanks? Really?

  15. Wait a minute how is this possible!? O missed an uptade AAHHHHHHHHHH

  16. When i fist saw the announcement of the -Type 99 MBT- ZTZ99 i immediately heard the Warsaw theme in my head and i was thrown back to 2014.

  17. Warsaw is the best BF theme hands down. Don’t even try to fucking fight me.

  18. Did Phly actually just shill me leveraged crypto trading??? this year is confirmed chaos now

  19. i want to know what phly means by head cut off nature at around 13:08 ish. i don’t know terms well.

  20. Can somebody please explain to me why this thing has more armour than the challenger 2. Gajin care to explain.

  21. And this is sooooo gonna get copyrighted

  22. That tunguska shooting you reminds me of some parable tale of a hunter’s hawk keeping him from drinking till he wounded it but then he realize the water flowing from up the cliff was tainted and the hawk was trying to save him.

  23. You’re better than shilling for a bitcoin scam.

  24. Whats the digital numbers thinggi on the turret roof for?

  25. If they let helicopters spawn in with rockets they should have planes spawn with only guns.

  26. Day14 play the he112a

  27. the music on while your in the hanger sounded more like it was from bad company

  28. You thought this would be China war, but it was me BF4 da.

  29. Phly I love watching you die than pull off a cool shot any day of the week. Play more epic deths…….lol

  30. Well I just hope it isnt looking at XRP now

  31. Yeah, make all Aircrafts in Ground RB take-off when spawning — don’t make it like Arcade Battle.

  32. revive the old “Everybody” intro attempt #2

  33. 6:46 that shot was crazy. Guess he had the high ground

  34. Day 9: Try the BF-109 G-6 with its Wfr.Gr.21 rockets. They each have 10.1 KG of explosive mass and are pretty easy to aim, and if on target, destroy anything.

  35. That ‘Meeeeee E’ sounds like Cartman.

  36. Man the nostalgia is too much

  37. Thank you phly now I can only think of the word phellas instead of whatever the other way was.

  38. Phly explaining the stats of different stocks the way he does tanks and planes is a brand new fantasy of mine now. “Phynance Daily” would be the channel name. If only…. =(

  39. We need a ground forces only mode. Planes are ruining the fun.

  40. Oh i was hoping you were actually going to play bf4 for a second

  41. 12:09 this just happened to me

  42. change my mind: BATTLEFIELD 2 MODERN COMBAT (ps2 version) was one of the most amazing gameplay battlefield storrymode ever had

  43. one thing i absolutely dont want to do: go with super high tier tank into ratatat super low tier
    one thing i absolutely want to do: go with a super low tier tank with enough umf into high tier and battle with it

    although when i think about it now, you’d only need to have the germans on your team while dooing the first and you should be fine

  44. Single Hot Mom in Your Area

    i forgot how good tanks sounded in battlefield.
    Realistic or not, it sounds like a well oiled war machine

  45. Not a good time to be buying cryptos during holidays.

  46. Minecraft Shiporama

    Astrabit is a scam

  47. Even today, the Battlefield 3 theme gives me goosebumps!

  48. Ganjin debuff ztz99 a lot, especially the front armor. I hope Ganjin can fix it.

  49. Khanyisani Sikhakhane

    Prefer the bf3 music


  51. I Love battlefield 4

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