02/11/2015 Q&A

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Source: Rita Sobral

– Storm refuses to confirm that 10.0 will not come (this info however appears in multiple sources now, including major Russian bloggers) – he states: “Let me put it this way: the picture is much more complicated”
– Storm further on 10.0: “Sorry, I will not comment anymore simply to refrain from hints at me or the company. Then the streamer guys take everything, twist it and make “interesting” videos about it. I am not interested in that.”
– Storm on his personal position about the 10.0 fail: “No need to pity me. Really. No matter what, I will do my best to improve the game. That is a possible goal.”
– Is the situation in WG irritating to you? “It’s been always like that since the project became big”
– In the recent round of testing, the Centurion Action X stabilization (accuracy on the move) did not improve
– Rubikon patch failed because there was a huge number of changes on both client and server side, preparing the ground for the future updates
– Xbox has now new tank physics, no ETA of the same for PC version available.
– Apparently 77 percent of WoT players are older than 25 years
– According to Wargaming advertising, all the tanks in the game are made according to historical documents

– Vickers MBT Mk.3 would fit the game according to Yuri Pasholok

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