07/12/2015 Q&A

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Source: Rita Sobral

– in future, the option will be added to list the statistics specific tanks within the game
– there are plans to fix personal missions in the “last man standing” mode, no ETA
– developers are fixing HD models of vehicles released in HD quality as first ones
developers will fix the MM in order for tier 8 vehicles not to appear constantly in tier 10 battles
– Polish branch? “No comment”
– there are no plans to fix situation where WZ-132 ammo rack explodes too often
– there are no plans to buff penetration or hitpoints of TVP T 50/51
– regarding roof armor of American premium T34, the developers are asking players not to whine about it anymore and instead to compare the roof of the old model (left) to the new one (right):

vulnerable area remains the same. It became a bit wider, but at the same time the cupola vulnerable area was almost completely removed. As a result, the total vulnerable area remains the same. The developers state that the vehicle did not become any worse and still can tank with turret.

And a wtf image I got emailed today by Beast Killer who says: “Now we know why Maus tank is so big :P”

Guys… may you never change. 😀

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