Angle Your Tiger!

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Source: Zenturion7

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  1. POV: Japanese main plays tiger: 🇯🇵🗿

  2. The lvl 100 was over angled

  3. @mastersergent1275

    What is this game

  4. This decal add 90% more angle

  5. Live 76mm sherman reaction:

  6. Instructions unclear, enemy tigers broke down before we even got to the point.

  7. m109: wow

  8. Tigers users are fkn dumb fr.

  9. @ralphishnogla5707

    Shout out for Dollars plays.

  10. Arl-44: 🗿

  11. @Palestinesupporter315

    What about the panzer 4 f2

  12. Ah yes, if you angle, they’ll aim at your front plate where the armor is thickest, of course!

  13. U can still pen it somewhere between the track and the case but it depend on the shell

  14. Tiger is anglemaxxing🤓

  15. Yes, please over angle your Tigers german main. It never stops being funny.

  16. What’s the name of the Music?

  17. Lego Blackbeard laugh?

  18. To bad the game is broken with RNG, you can angle all you want, does not always work. Gaijin decides when u die or not, has nothing to do with angle at all. I cannot tell you how many times I bounced on a Non angled tiger, it is complete bullshit. I experience the same shit in the Comet aswell, normally its 4 to 5 kills a game, but i had one game where for some reason, Nothing could pen me, even from begind… That comet went god mode and i ended up getting 14 kills that game. It is all RNG dudes, no skill required as the game decides your fate.

  19. How does that even work

  20. The r3t4rded part is that the Tiger is the only tank with the magical ability to angle even though every other tank has that ability

  21. Me aiming for the H1’s cupola: “No one is safe”

  22. Subbed that was so badass

  23. Did you angle today?

  24. Big tip for m4a4 sa50 players, you can shoot through the mantle with its better shell and kill the gunner/commander and most of the time breach

  25. I’ve killed a angled tiger before

  26. @SleepingWithShotguns

    Angling works for lower levels. Downside is on most heavies its exposes between track and track armor leaving a perfect shot into the crew and usually ammo, unless its a maus, then aim towards rear 1/4 on the side. If u pen u hit the ammo

  27. Masterpiece of Japan Empire studio 🫠

  28. First you need to know where there at

  29. Allied tankers hate this! Learn how to make allied players rage with this secret tip!

  30. @addressapocalypse5968


  31. Fun fact Sherman never penetrate the Tiger I lol

  32. @isaacanderson3764

    I do this

  33. If you never give up💪💪💪💪

  34. I think the tiger is the only tank that does better sideways then forwards

  35. the only thing that van beay that is the DRUM ROLL PLEASE


  36. Until a teammate shoots you in the back by “accident”

  37. I want to know what Level 1 player managed to unlock a Tiger without buying premium.

  38. Did you angle today ?

  39. Just dont shoot the hull when they are angled

  40. Generally asking: whats the best angle to hold your rank against a enemy? I just started and everytime i slightly turn my tank to the side i get one shotted. If i turn my complete side i get one shotted. If i face them directly i can survive a few hits. Its also visa versa I have massive problems to pen someone

  41. 傾けただけなのに😭

  42. Shoot cupola:

  43. @kingbingusgaming6121

    The tiger will mostly win as long as it sees the opponent first

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