PZ II J Being sold on SEA

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Source: Rita Sobral

Hello Warriors,

Thank you everyone that emailed me this.

You think WG would have learned from the mistake of selling the biggest P2W tank in-game?

Nope, Chuck Testa! The PZ II J is now being sold for 149.99USD on the SEA server and while EU had it on sale for 24h, SEA will have it on sale for nearly 2 weeks.

And like Ive said a couple months ago… There is a problem. The Panzer II Ausf.J is the single most overpowered tank in the game. It also has the highest WR from all servers but the biggest issue in my opinion is that is a low tier! This thing is a sealclubber wet panties dream! Now, I know the anti-seal clubber system was implemented but is not clear on whether it works.

I fetched and compiled for you the WR stats from the PZ II J, from each server (based on all players, vehicle amount and time parameters):

Highest WR on every single server…From WOT-News

This is a tank I love to hate, its so overpowered that it gives absolutely no challenge or effort.
As a example, and I’ve shared this before but will again, this was my first and LAST 3 PZ II J platoon (we did it to prove a point). Result? 14 kills:

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