The Full Auto Leopard Tank

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Source: Spookston

The German Leopard 2 main battle tank is one of the most popular tanks in the world, but there’s a special variant in War Thunder that trades its armor for an autoloader. The PT-16/T14 is a rare event Leo with exceptional mobility and a reload rate on par with the Type 90.

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The Full Auto Leopard Tank


  1. Happy Sunday guys
    Having the dialysis surgery this week but the upload schedule will be the same

  2. Like and sub for finding someone who hates Z tanks as much as me

  3. Day3 of asking to play vk3002

  4. The combat evolved theme is crazy LOL

    Day 81 asking Spookston to play the T-10M

  5. I’m subbing😀

  6. please tell me how you get such good gameplay
    i get at most 4 kills per game
    is there a certain mentality or something to remember when playing?

  7. Can you play the vickers mk1?

    Its a decently fast British tank with weak armor and a good fire rate of 4 seconds.

  8. @islandpartyman5881

    play the mbt-2000

  9. Day One of asking Spookston to play the Pz.38(t) n.A.

  10. @u-238productions

    Day 1 of asking for the Turan III

  11. @PC-coolant-pipe-sucker

    8:10 you do realise that ukrainians still praise Bandera who murdered a lot of Poles in villages right

  12. Hey i just discovered your channel, amazing stuff!!
    Is there a video of the 88 flak? I would like to learn how to use it as anti air it sounds fun

  13. I wish there was a way for me to get this easily enough again. I have no market availability FYI.

  14. Good luck with the surgery my dude. I won’t suggest any Churchills this week. As a treat.

  15. Day 3 of asking to play is3

  16. @frenchouiaboo816

    you should play the 2S38 🙂

  17. PLEASE play the m8 in arcade

  18. @jordanlaclair9272

    day98 of asking spookston to play the amx50 foch

  19. Day 10 of the m13/40(III)

  20. @valentinodonadei7085

    Day 6 of asking you to play the VCC 80/60

  21. @somaticapollo6025

    Challenger 2 black night?

  22. @MilitaryHistory2011

    Unexpected but welcome rich piana meme

  23. Bro at 4:32 it cut right to an add when you shot him so i just saw the explosion but nothing else, it was hilarious

  24. You should consider taking out the Crusader AA Mk1! It’s a blast in low tier 🙂 (attempt 163)

  25. Play the t35, been 121 days since ive been asking.

  26. @jordanlaclair9272

    day 98 of asking spookston to play the amx50 foch

  27. thumbs up for some history info bits!

  28. 8:11 based

  29. @AdamJohnson-xs1ps

    Just started the video and I’m already laughing, this channel is golden!

  30. CV 90105 is better

  31. Ahh yes the totally not type 90

  32. I like how gaijin give a proto that never rech it a 4 sec reload, refuse to give leclerc it s 5 sec reload citing some design issue in it s early days, but give a 4 sec reload to type 90 despite having the same issues in early days of service. . .


  33. I don’t wanna play war thunder but the pull of the snail is just too strong.

  34. 12:53
    (Im German)
    The document discribes two modes for loading one is automatisches laden(Automatic loading) ((left)) and Halbautomatisches laden (half Automatic loading) ((right))
    On the left the blue Thing in the middle ist a canister where the Shell will Just Go through If it is in Automatic mode, while on the right Side the human loader will Put the Shell in the blue canister and lets the Autoloader do the Rest (the halfautomatic mode was probably planned to BE used If the Tank Ran Out of shells in its Auto loader so that you can still fire).

    Video Idea: mabe you could Play the Leopard 1A5.

  35. Can you do the M113a1

  36. Do I sell this thing for 220 GJN or do I keep it?

  37. Try 4: Embrace the gremlin, play the Type 60 SPRG (C)!

  38. @hydrogen_minoxide

    Day 32 of asking spookston to play the FV4005

  39. 7:45 While, yes, the AMBT is not real, the vehicle we have in game is technically not the SLEP, but the L3 Destroyer built by L3 Communications in *cooperation* with Raytheon. After the L3 didn’t do too well, Raytheon took it off their hands and marketed it as the SLEP. It should also be noted that only the L3 featured the 25mm. Raytheon would remove it and never marketed it as part of the SLEP package, thus making them technically two different vehicles. If we ever get the SLEP in-game, it should be without the 25mm.

    It should also be noted that the SLEP existed in the files in this configuration at one point so I’m very certain Gaijin is aware of the differences between the L3 and SLEP.

  40. Day16 play the jagdtiger with he only

  41. 12:51 I am not German I am Dutch but I can understand it. At the top is basically says: Autoloader for KPz Leopard 2, build into the Turm PT 14 model. And than the right two images are for ‘Full auto loading (from the magazine)’ And then the left two ‘Half autoloading (ment for helping load, only with backup power supply). The images appear to be some bridge from the stowage to the breach which Gayjin hasn’t modeled in.

  42. as a turk,i find your statement disrespectful

  43. Hey spookston, can you please try the M36B2? It has a decent HEAT-FS for its BR.

  44. what did Vilkas do? (im lithuanian)

  45. @most_sane_piano_enthusiast

    8:11 ah, an ideologically motivated warrior

  46. lets remove the panther 2 the tiger 2 10.5 and maus because they were prototypes and not really made even tho a single maus was made (gayjen then adds prototype tanks and keeps them out still)

    • @02suraditpengsaeng41

      If you know why Ho-Ri and E-100’s turret should NOT exist
      That’s Panther II, Tiger II (10,5) and FlakPanzer have the same problem

      never been built at all

      MAUS is extra, Gaijin think they can’t balance so remove

  47. The halo sniper noise when zooming needs to be a mod thats so dope lol

  48. 3:49 what the hell just hovered out your tank’s roof?

  49. Challenge: For high tier support a nations MBT with its respective APC/IFV counterpart (ie Abrams/Bradley, T90/BMP2M, etc.) Challenge is keeping the other player alive and supporting it without stealing kills (breaking barrels, tracking, repairing, etc) it being a random should help make it interesting. Attempt #4

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