01.08.2015 Q&A

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Source: Rita Sobral

– the idea behind Domination testing was to test the concept, not to make it the most successful mode ever right from the start
– Domination mode income is higher than from random battles on tier 10
– in terms of numbers of players playing Domination, the mode was a success
– Domination mode is not considered “released” – it’s just an event for now, a proof of concept
– it is not true that new physics will come no earlier than 2017 – the work on it was accelerated
– when spawning, tanks do not appear randomly in the spawning areas, each team has pre-defined spots on which can the vehicles appear. There are more spots than vehicles however and the vehicles are randomly placed amongst them. Some spots are reserved for certail classes (for example artillery)

And something to make the evening a bit brighter:

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