31.07.2015 Q&A

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Source: Rita Sobral

 Here it is:

– Wargaming is doing a huge amount of work in developing and testing of new modes;
– Currently WG is testing bots, they are allegedly very intelligent and will serve to improve new gameplay mods;
– New motion physics is practically ready;
– Japanese heavies will “not be for everybody” and will suffer from artillery but they are unique in gameplay;
– Czech branch will come until the end of the year, it will be announced at Gamescom;
– Developers will coordinate the improvements of PC WoT graphics with American colleagues from Xbox One team;
– 4 new artillery features are in testing in order to make arty class more of a support class. It’s possible alpha and oneshot crits will be reduced and accuracy improved;
– FV4202 tier 10 was originally introduced because at that point there were no other drawings of historical vehicles for that slot available (plus the FV4202 was implemented as “sufficiently historical”);
– Steam support for WoT is not considered for now;
– There are no specific plans for armored cars in WoT as they would feel really uncomfortable in WoT setting;
– RBT-5 (BT-5 with rocket launchers) was shelved;
– Multiturret mechanism could be applied to a number of tanks in the game (especially Japanese heavies) but the secondary guns are weak. It’s not worth wasting effort on;
– Developers are working on Havok physics
– Developers are no longer publishing 3 month plans because the stuff was getting delayed all the time resulting in negative feedback;
– Sturmtiger was modelled and tested but it will not appear in random battles (too big derp);
– Alternative hulls are complicated to implement, but it is planned. One of the problem is the HDD space (it will take a lot) plus the fact that not many tanks will get them;
– There are no plans for tanks obtainable exclusively for non-clan players;
– 1,5 million chatbans were issued in 2 months on RU server for profanities, there are more plans to fight toxic players;
– WT E-100 will be replaced. It was introduced intentionally as a skill-based tank (heavily depending on player skill) and does not fit random battles very well in some cases;
– Anton “Evilly” Pankov personally sees two biggest WoT issues in tank balance and game performance;
– There was at first no option of using your own tanks in the Domination mode for technical reasons but the developers had to test it, that’s why the mode was released with only “special” tanks;
 – KV-5 is doing fine statistically, it’s possible however its armor will be reworked in HD (“we’ll see what we can do”);
– Type 59 in HD should appear in 9.10.

There is a extra important bit from EU (had no other place to put this without it being buried in the amount of info that I’m posting today):

-What happened to the Scorpion? Ectar: “There are still plans for this vehicle.”
-And on why the Wargaming’s 17th Anniversary for EU is so poor, Ectar says: “We have gamescom next week and then will be having an event to mark the 5 year anniversary of World of Tanks (even although it’s the RU anniversary) so couldn’t front load the month (as then everyone expects even better)”

Did I read Type 59?

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