100 years of 50 Cal

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Source: Zenturion7

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  1. I believe it just finished development and started production right at the end of WW1. If it had been a little bit earlier likely could’ve seen service in an anti aircraft capacity

  2. @evanschwarzhuber7161

    To be fair…. one of the few American made products that was a quality build

  3. A mormon made this gun…

    What gun will the mormons unleash next?

  4. So can we call it the ol’ reliable?

  5. a drill instructor that I remember he said you can’t make something that’s perfect better

  6. M2 is King of machinegun

  7. @enterchannelname5953

    Mosin Nagant: …

  8. the M2 machinegun, because many have tried and none have succeeded at becoming the M3

  9. Someone tell me the song that played in the second clip (the ww2 one)

  10. Me: Hey there old timer.

    M2 Browning: you got soft hands boy!

    Me: yes sir !

  11. @johnariespepito6252

    The ammo is not moving when its firing but its close enough

  12. @babyxenomorphPA1R3

    the 50 cal is beautiful

  13. @wootickgaming6719

    “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” – someone, at some point

  14. @scorchclasstitan6727

    And that’s why we keep losing, especially when the M3 is ten times better.

  15. There’s an old Warhammer 40k Guardsmen Model with a Heavy Stubber that looks awfully familiar.

    The M2 is still in use in the Grim Darkness of the 41st Millennium.

  16. @gavinlinville9691

    10.000 in the frue

  17. @StarHuntersGames

    Bro used a ww1 song for ww2 💀

  18. Were or where….

  19. You remembered about the Korean War, sub earned

  20. An Italian main’s Greatest enemy

  21. @alejandrobarck926

    Con Poxipol me hice un buen suflé!!

  22. @jcmchandsomeface2292

    100 years of dakka dakka

  23. The M2 Browning will be used in the second retaking of Mars in 2187

  24. What is the first song called

  25. much like the humble horseshoe crab it does not change because it is without flaw

  26. Seguro que seguirá por varios siglos mas

  27. Dont fix what aint broke

  28. @shelbyseelbach9568

    Panama? Grenada?

  29. @elijahdavidson7694

    Ain’t broke, don’t fix it

  30. @southernwulf3335

    Can’t deny reliability out of firearm🤣 shits battle tested over and over I bet we’ll still be using them when we start actually exploring space

  31. If it ain’t broke…

  32. @Foxtrot_UniformCharlieKilo

    When our lord and savor of gun design, John Moses Browning, creates a good design, it’s hard to get rid of it.

  33. It’s a good gun, Jim.

  34. M2s were so good at what they did that they never needed to be replaced

  35. Over there is from ww1 not ww2

  36. They replacing it with a 50cal mini gun

  37. M2 in space when?

  38. Don’t fix something that’s not broken

  39. @alejandrobaquero-lima6943

    If it ain’t broke and can eviscerate light armor why change it?

  40. US: “.50cals we put that shit on everything”

  41. The M2s were going to be replaced by a new 50 cal but apparently that one was so ass that an interwar machine gun was doing better.

    If it ain’t broke, do better or don’t waste money.

  42. Whats the name of the first song

  43. If it isn’t broke don’t fix it. It can be heavy and cumbersome but they are really simple to disassemble and reassemble and anyone can do it with literally 30 minutes of instruction on how to take it apart put it together and shim the barrel properly. One of my favorite weapons when I was in the military.

  44. When people will colonize another planets M2 will be with them

  45. @frederikbeckers8923

    No “Murica Fu*k yeah”???

  46. @fuckinantipope5511

    M2 Brownings will be at the frontier when humanity eventually spreads out throughout space.

  47. I’d like to see, sometime in the future, in space warfare, spaceships STILL frickin equipped with the M2 Browning. Some soldiers can just say “sir when was this mg created?” and be shocked when their commander says “1918”

  48. In the year 2099 the US would have hydrogen powered tanks with titanium armour coated with carbon-fibre ERA plating and state-of-the-art driving and gunning interface, railgun cannons and near perfectly efficient transmission, and a M2 Browning Machine Gun

  49. You can say whatever you want. Mr. J.M. Browning was a master of his craft!

  50. I like to think that in the future is like get the M2 machine gun sir that thing is super outdated yes but it’s reliable enough to not break in space

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