War Thunder’s Rarest Rocket Artillery

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Source: Spookston

Rocket vehicles like the Sturmtiger are very popular among WT players, but there’s one that you don’t often see in battles. The BM-13N Katyusha might just be the most exotic rocket arty vehicle in the game (except for the RBT-5, but that’s more of a hybrid). Given it isn’t great at destroying tanks, there might be a good reason for that.

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War Thunder’s Rarest Rocket Artillery


  1. Just a heads-up guys, gonna be getting surgery on tuesday to have a dialysis port put in. It’s an overnight surgery but it shouldn’t affect the upload schedule
    Don’t forget to check out Odd’s channel: https://youtube.com/@OddBawZ?si=wYowt-CzKatVCcv1

  2. Play the silly HEAT lobbing M4A3(105)

  3. Day 7 of asking for the M728 CEV

  4. Do the bm 31 next

  5. @isidorsvenvik999

    Day 10: can you play the Strav-103

  6. @thegrayseed2792

    Challenge Run : Become a Syrian tanker by playing Pz.IV J in BR 8.0

  7. Day 1 of asking Spookston to play the German sPz 12-3 LGS!

  8. Spookston please do the so ki

  9. @user-yg7iu7hr7c

    Therr is something about H.E that gives you the tingles every you get a kill with it.

  10. Try to get a kill with a smoke round

  11. It is smote!

  12. Can you make a video about Italian tank named Carro Armato M Celere Saharino? It is premium vehicle so you dont have to make a video about it but I kinda want to see italian object 775 gameplay. (Day 3)

  13. Hi Spookston, you should try the PT-16/T14 mod. it’s a leopard 2 prototype with a 4 sec autoloader! It’s insane

  14. Day 50 of asking spookston to play the is3, sorry I had to take a little break

  15. Play the type10 or TKX, I love japanese mbts

  16. day 1 asking for the su 122

  17. where is new video?

  18. Hstvl xm885 will become heavier 🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓

  19. You should definitely play the arl 44 it’s fun trust me 🙂

  20. 8:54 Sweden bias

  21. You should play the VEAK 40, its a radar SPAA with sone pretty good anti-tank capabilities

  22. Video 11 of asking Spookston to play the Semovente 105/25

  23. @algirdasradzevicius188

    Ninety-fifth time asking you to play BM-8-24 (perfect low tier rocket launcher)

  24. 6:49 I’m pretty sure the stug 3a has a tiny slit of no armour so the game treated it like hitting an open top? Idfk

  25. @jaydennighthawk7815

    Day 120 of asking spookston to play the Btr-80a (I had school so I messed up ☠)

  26. Day 114 of asking spookston to play the t-35

  27. You should consider taking out the Crusader AA Mk1! It’s a blast in low tier 🙂 (attempt 157)

  28. Can you make a video about italian Carro Armato M Celere Sagarino? It’s a premium vehicle with good mobility and normal firepower for 2.7 in my opinion. also it’s kinda like object 775 (Day 4)

  29. Day 3 i think asking spookston to play the T-55AM-1

  30. The PE-8 flying into the ground and exploding at mach 2.3 with the fart sound effect(reverb).mp3 is quite funny

  31. @oscaromeara8193

    14:15 if you hit an enemy that is spawn protected, even with splash damage it will appear as if your projectile (or bomb even) hit them directly

  32. Play the ARL 44 bro

  33. There is a monument irl dedicated to this piece of soviet tech in my town)
    Note you can lower the vehicle 😊

  34. I was gonna get the sturmtiger, then I didn’t. I should have. Now I’m sad.

  35. Good dnd reference in the start there!

  36. You should play Carro Armato M Celere Saharino. can you play it?

  37. day 3 of asking the king to play ratel20

  38. Bro is strugling with depression while Katyusha has pneumatic suspension 😅😅

  39. Can you make a video about italian Carro Armato M Celere Saharino

  40. I got into a 20 minute artillery dual with katushya while driving a type 75 mlrs. It was cross map as we lobbed rocket after rocket moving meters at a time to avoid counter battery. Neither of us got eachother but accidentally got passing opponents who didnt notice the rocket barrages

  41. @jordanlaclair9272

    day 92 of asking spookston to play the amx50 foch

  42. @YoshichiEditz5373

    Day 4 of asking you to please play the IS-1

  43. I love rocket trucks but sadly i only have the andrusha

  44. I find it fun on arcade where your ammo will reload itself. Just sit back, aim at the general direction of the enemy or a cap they’re taking, and fire a salvo indirect and hope to hit something. Visually for everyone else, I’m sure it’s great

  45. Past tense of smite is in fact smote.

  46. @hydrogen_minoxide

    Day 26 of asking spookston to play the FV4005

  47. @originalcharacterplznostea2749

    My gamer, you should be shooting fleshy infantry and like, supply lines or something lmao.

  48. @abrahamlincoln4399

    Why can’t i find it in game?

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