14/09/2015 Q&A

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Source: Rita Sobral

Here it is:

– Asian (, ) artillery branches are not ready yet, developers are collecting info and drawings;
– Storm is aware of issues with matchmaker, it will be improved;
– There is an issue where players are playing on the same maps over and over again, it will be fixed;
– Italian MT branch can be built but there isn't much interest in its implementation from players;
– WG archive team is very good, it finds tanks nobody knew existed;
– Amphibious tanks will come in very distant future;
– Crew will be completely reworked in the future (to resemble current WoWs system);
– Developers want to completely rework penetration mechanisms, it will be tested but the devs are not sure whether it's worth doing;
– Historical battles will return as PvE mode, weak tanks will be played by bots;
– Chat interface will be improved;
– It's possible company battle mode will be removed altogether;
– It's possible KV-5 will be buffed;
artillery was planned (even hightier) but after seeing the player feedback on arty as a whole, the plan was postponed indefinitely;
– WG has several games according to SerB on which they are working that they haven't announced yet;
– WoWs is now ready for release – WoT was released raw (underprepared) because the development money ran out;
– Only 20 percent of SerB's current job concerns WoT;
– There will be PS4 WoT;
– Master of Orion will be as good as the old one!
– Introducing the was a mistake according to SerB. The fact that it is still being sold or given away on occasion is “a bad idea of certain people”;
– SerB states that the replacement of WT will be 15cm;
– Developers are working on a new mode for tier 10 tanks, one of its elements is the presence of tier 12 tanks – players will be able to get those under certain circumstances and then pwn with them in battles – it will have a special MM.
– Object 140 in HD will not come anytime soon;
– Currently the patch speed in WoT is 1 patch per 1,5 months, it's possible it will slow down a bit but this is not decided yet;
– There will be a special Platoon Finder mechanism;
– Current tests show that the servers can handle the new motion physics;
– In new motion physics, the turning dynamics improved noticeably;
– 9.11 should bring performance improvement;
– Developers are generally satisfied with the average length of battle;
– In conflict of historicity and playability, gameplay considerations will always win.

And someone posted this the other in one of the RSR comment sections about WoT servers:

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