17.08.2015 Q&A

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Source: Rita Sobral

– Province and Widepark will not appear in hightier battles, it’s a bug of 9.10 test
– Storm: T110E5 armor in 9.10 test is not correct, it will be fixed (some changes to UPF and turret) in the second round. Storm refuses to consider this a bug, it was simply an earlier version of armor with the later one for some reason not appearing in the test.
– Developers are still fixing the anti-aliasing so that the gun and suspension aren’t so blurred;
– Storm states that the new anti-aliasing “can be improved in many aspects”;
– Gun damage is a purely balance parameter, there is no need to ask why gun X has damage Y, the reason is “balance”;
– Q: “Why can’t we use more than 3 types of shells per gun?” A: “Because it was always like that :)”;
– Q: “It was said that 2016 would bring the artillery rebalance. Is there something you are planning to do with arty until then to help other players from oneshots?” A: “You can do some things by yourself already. When driving, drive in zigzag pattern, use cover, don’t be constantly spotted, change positions, etc. Okay, seriously, the development of any effective measures needs time and resources.”
– Artillery rebalance? “You will find out in foreseeable future.”
– Tortoise being overpowered? “Nerf is unlikely but not out of the question. As for any other vehicle.”
– Out of the hundreds of vehicles given to supertesters for testing, vast majority was actually implemented, only single cases of vehicles were removed after supertest;
– Q: “Czech tanks are clones, why implement them?” A: “Can you please show me implemented Czech clone tanks?”
– Players often incorrectly judge the matchmaker by confusing being at the bottom of the team with being in the middle instead of comparing the tank battletier spread with the tier of the battle. For example ther 9 tanks can’t really be “at the bottom” since there are no tanks two tiers higher than yours and the distribution of tanks depends only on the queued tier distribution at that particular moment;
– Numbers of platoons in queue and their tiers and the tiers of vehicles currently in queue do influence whether you will end up on top or bottom of the team;
– T49 is underpowered statistically, developers will have a look at it;
– Some Russian players started spreading that in 2016 WoT is switching to subscription economy model, it’s obviously a fake;
– Storm confirms: between 9.8 and 9.9 the M46 Patton camouflage was heavily nerfed, this was intentional.

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