19.07.2015 Q&A

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Source: Rita Sobral

 Here it is:

– Storm turned around in his evaluation of the ghost shell bug. He now states that this bug is very rare (“phantom bug”), he however adds they are working on it with Bigworld devs;
– There is already an internal ETA of the fix of the majority of 9.9 crashes but Storm won’t disclose it for now;
– Russian players have good time mocking the absence of FV201(A45) premium on EU server, according to RU staff the decision is up to WG EU;
– Interestingly enough ISU-122S is a marketing vehicle at this moment in Russia – it’s being given out for free along with new PC’s from the e-shop Eldorado;
– Despite the way some sources (usually WG RU marketing, producers) inform about it, there will not be an “European tree” or “European branch”, the branches are essentially all nationalized now with Czechoslovaks first possibly followed by the Swedish.

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