Anti-Fox Vehicle

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Source: DOLLARplays

German WW2 era super heavy tanks E-100,and the Maus gameplay in War Thunder.

Where the FOX go?


Intro: Promise – Mattie Maguire

Background: Funky Flat – Martin Landstrom
Cotton Factory – Hunter Quinn
Transhumanism – ELFL
Lost in Agadir – Ava Low
Ido Maimon – Nudnik

Outro: On the Way Home – Steven Davies

#gaming #WarThunder #worldoftanks

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  1. Are you the guy?

  2. that decal looks so yummy

  3. E-100 looks so weird with its skirt off.

  4. @silientbruhman899

    Bruh this balance of this game is so dogass lmao

  5. From what movie is the intro?

  6. @Thomas_Abel_Anderson

    That Ontos at 14:24 was good. I mean he was really trying.

  7. Poor E100 faces MBTs and guided munitions

  8. @lneurotoxinl4373

    Just here for Whoooh‘s 🎶

  9. @artemisstyles3501

    Bro he he might have a worse CAS curse than spookston.

    • @datcheesecakeboi6745

      well no he is literally just a massive vehicle, you realise if your in a maus or a e100 people will say “maus at x” so all the planes can go for it right? and in spookston case he normally uses light vehicles which get killed by cas because they can use there cannons, dont like cas just use a medium tank

  10. @LobbertheLunarMan

    Did he just spend 2000 dollars…

  11. @bodeblackburn6597

    I made a short showing my foxhunting skills. I tagged #dollarplays in it. Please go view it senpai. Maybe we hunt foxes together sometime?

  12. That Ontos had me in shambles.

  13. 8:01 Oi!

  14. Well well well

  15. @TanketteAdventures

    T34s And M26s “And how do you intent to kill us?”
    Tiger E “well no i cant kill you but my buddy can! say hi buddy!”
    E-100 ” ⱧɆⱠⱠØ ”

    Love you Dollar!

  16. @LiamFowler-yj7yv

    You killed me a couple days before the video came out. So sad to se that I wasn’t in it. My username is YEETMaster_lz67

  17. @zedianavizora2041

    never get old, never get bored seeing these two fat germany beast..❤❤❤

  18. now i understand why the E-100 was originaly called

  19. Can you test BB-1? they added 500kg bombs to it

  20. 7:38 This part goes hard

  21. i hate the fox

  22. Dollar what is your favorite country in war thunder for tanks??

  23. How to get your decal?

  24. How to get your decal Dollar?

  25. @vagabundolino6582

    Im exited For the naval video

  26. Was the E-100 worth 2000 dollars?

  27. oh my god.

  28. is KPZ good?

  29. I loved this video bro, nice job.

  30. @ChernomirdinReturn

    7:38 The boyz 🙂

  31. Me: *plays Maus to hunt Foxes*
    Gaijin: heh, no your not. *Puts Britain on my team every single match*
    Me: aight then, CAS it is. *Get’s banned for a week because BOMBS*
    hey, not my fault the fox attacked the exact same targets i did. >_>

  32. DOLLARplays: on of the only people in War Thunder that can casually turn American Mains into Japanese Mains for 20 seconds.

  33. @ralphishnogla5707

    DollarPlay I have a new soundtrack for you.
    Horom : Purple Sun.
    Carpenter Brut – Hang’em All.

  34. CAS is not only annoying but you also can’t hear them anymore until they’re already strafing you 🙁

  35. I like your content

  36. Not the tutel 🙁 8:32. Hes soo sad.

  37. Yooo holy shmoly what is that little clip from 0:05 from???!!! Nostalgia!!!

  38. @jakobgertheinrich3995

    Hey DOLLAR, I would be so happy if you can do a video using the BMP 3 in combination with the scout drone as artillery in indirect fire 🙂

  39. @appoworldofwarships6919

    The 1500 dollar vehicule

  40. When will you do another f2p video?

  41. having played a tiny bit on war thunder on console the fact that you can spawn in a plane after getting got just to get a petty revenge kill seems like the worst part about this game

  42. Really wish they would make the E100 available

  43. Wtf are you about in a 6.7 games ? With a lot of 5.7 vehicles either ??
    Basically one or two 7.7 player each side and the rest 6.7 ?

  44. a cheaper varient also would be the is3 which is apart from the tracks fully fox proof

  45. Honestly though, why is Germany the only country allowed to have paper tanks, made up tanks and uncompleted prototypes with made up stats?

    • The mouse really existed, it just didn’t come into operation, if it didn’t exist we wouldn’t have details of its armor and cannon. It would only be wrong if Gaijin added something like the Landkreuzer P. 1000 Ratte. In short, there are several tanks in War Thunder just like the mouse

  46. Bro could of gotten in a nuke after the first death

    And after he killed the bkahn 1c

  47. @juliadeleszek4206

    i killed maus with fox already 🙂

  48. @jacklarkson4505

    5:20 honestly wtf he thinks he can do with a 75 mm jumbo against a e-100 or maus.

  49. @migratingcoconut4248

    Man the E-100 is cool. To bad I’ll never own one though

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