The Most Frustrating Heavy Tank

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Source: Spookston

War Thunder often has some fairly questionable battle rating decisions. One example is moving the Soviet IS-2 heavy tank up to 6.7, the same BR as tanks like the King Tiger and T26E5. The IS-2 used to be one of my favorite tanks to play, but volumetric shells changed that.

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The Most Frustrating Heavy Tank


  1. Reminder that volumetric is the absolute worst. Also if you guys could subscribe that would be great, I have some stuff I want to announce but I want to wait until the 400k QnA video

  2. 0:00 badically average Russian tanks

  3. @artemisthehunter8360

    the cupola is your main weakspot

  4. Spook I found a smile though out the entire video seeing you pain because I am sick War Thunder has done this to me Screw you Gaigun

  5. @polyvalgaming8414

    Spookston’s video titles be like “Shittiest tank I’ve ever played” and then he proceeds to get 47 kills. The only frustration here is mine when I see how good you are lol.

  6. Day 6 of asking to see you play the Italian m41/42

  7. Play gunner heat pc

  8. @clonetrooper5132

    It used to be so good until Br chnage.

  9. I use to nevee bring HE with bc 95% of the time it proved useless to me….but then i started runnin into ZSU-57,etc and they proved super valuable in multiple situations against open tops, no direct hits needed😂

  10. hey spookston would love to see you take out the t26e5 or the chieftain mk10 feel free to add any other vehicles to the line up

  11. Day 6 of asking spookston to play the m728 CEV

  12. @slyllamademon2652

    The reason the IS-2 has only -3 gun depression is because Ivan has stashed his vodka above the gun breech which means they can’t depress the gun more than that.

  13. “The IS-2 is a good tank”

  14. IS 1 plss

  15. “We have 1 kill and aren’t dead” is basically what you can expect from this tank. IS2 was my first late war heavy and it made me quit WT for a few years lmao

  16. T44 100 at 11.7 plz😂

  17. Fun fact, your machine gun has the same falloff as your shell. So you can pretty precisely use your machine gun for ranging

  18. Me when my breach gets destroyed by a tank that can’t pen my front 😑

  19. @wintersfrosthester6711

    Can you do the Brenus or amx-40?

  20. You cant penatrate them bc soviets get gaijined every single game.

  21. Bro just called is2 a historically good tank

  22. @guilliambrenner1586

    por favor um pouco de gun depression on this tank pls

  23. @dustinontaiyabbi5608

    I feel like a god in the is2 i genuinely thought it was OP because i was killing every single tank i came across. Maybe it fits a playstyle i didnt k ow i have. But im on god tier timing with the is2

  24. They nerf the is2 so hard. I miss when it was good.

  25. According to Gaijin logic, if you move your turret, the volumentric armor is infinite even when it is 5cm thick😂

  26. Fun fact, at one point the IS-2 had a 30 second reload time. Sure, with non-aced crew, but also, at the same BR as the King Tiger that was pretty much better in every single way except for post pen damage.

    I know all this because I’m the psycho who grinded through the Soviet tree at this time and wanted to pull my hair out at the reload rate.

  27. The fortune cookie was right!

  28. @rafaelalzino4948

    as some one who plays ussr tech tree I love is2 1944. YEAH THE RELORD TAKES 1 HOURS! But at less it’s not IS3 time 24 secs or some thing. The IS2 1944 is real good but the many times I had shots like you the did not pen makes me feel how??? that works warthuner so… real.. any way have a great day bye 🤣😂 IS2 makes me cry and makes me happy

  29. @VaciliNikoMavich

    That fortune cookie moment 😂

  30. Can you play the M113a1

  31. @winchesterchua7600

    Only today I found out cruise control exists.

  32. @fghbtr963tyhbfzse8

    Ебать, ещё и спонсоры

  33. @GideonBowlesProductions

    This is completely shocking to me that people think the IS2 is bad, I use the 19 41 and it is my most used tank in the game. I am amazing with it. I’m talking 1500 kills.

  34. 8:43 “Why is this 6.7 again?”
    Also JS-2 at anything lower than 6.3:

  35. Por favor?

  36. 8:02 Fat people music played over jagdtiger 😭

  37. @princesspupcake1269

    I was gonna say it didn’t look all that cramped — then I remembered; it’s a Russian tank.

  38. @bonnieodermatt9414

    Heyyyyy I love the Jagdtiger

  39. Are you gay and if you are I will tell you my answer so pls respond.

  40. @nomade-do-War-Thunder141

    you are brazilian? you sai por favor= please

  41. Bbbrrrroooooooooo just the opening 3 sec is ssssssssssooooooooooooooo mf true its unreal dude and as a German main I would know at fuckin 8.0

  42. 5:35 BRO SAW A BUSHED TANK??? I BARELY SAW A GODDAMN BUSH!!!!! This guy’s eyesight is flipping overpowered.

  43. You know gaijin knew they over tiered this tank when they gave it an upgraded shell when they uptiered it

  44. Im completly newbie… Can someone tell me how is he not have that white little crosshair? I want to turn it off.

  45. How can you see the enemy from m the most random and complicated places?

  46. Is-2 was useless from my experience. The reload time is the biggest issue.

  47. IS-2 was Crap , Ok 122 Milimeter Gun 👍 but Tank ( Like other Soviet Tanks 😂 ) had no Ventilation , Loading was very slow , Firespeed 2 X / Minute ( Panther 6-7 X /Minute ) , small supply of amunition ….. So it wasn’t Such good tank Like the Soviet propaganda said

  48. I thought Historically the IS-2 was trash and difficult for the soviets to make so they just took IS-1s and stuck a similar muzzle break in order to fool the enemy. (Most soviet shit was terrible and had 0 standardisation between factories.)

  49. @damnsonwheredyoufindthis.3830

    I too today learned that i should ineed bring HE with it after overpenning some SPH 3 times, how he didn’t kill me is beyond me. Which model it was idk since to me they all look almost identical and i had bit bigger things to worry about than model identification, such as trying not to catch a HE howitzer shell with my face.

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