Armored Warfare Review And Gameplay

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Source: Defensive Games

Armored Warfare review and gameplay (PVE), my first impressions of the game in early 2024. Is this modern tank game worth your time? Server population, monetization, performance and all the good stuff i try to talk about in one of my reviews.

0:00 – Intro
1:05 – Gameplay: Vehicles
4:09 – Gameplay: Progression
5:38 – Gameplay: Dealers

:48 – Gameplay: Consumables
9:19 – Gameplay: Retrofits
10:02 – Gameplay: Ammo
14:36 – Monetisation
15:20 – Graphics
15:53 – Sounds
16:12 – Story
16:19 – Menu And UI
16:30 – Performance
16:41 – Conclusion

My PC Specs:
AMD Ryzen 9 7950X3D 4.2GHz
MSI GeForce RTX 4090 VENTUS 3X OC 24GB GDDR6X 384-bit
64GB DDR5 6000MHz CL40 Dual Channel
SSD ADATA Legend 960 Max 4TB PCI Express 4.0 x4 M.2
1440P Monitor


  1. Shame about this game – it was pretty fun at first with great PvP.

  2. @snoozkopponwotblitz2507

    Thank you for covering this on Armored Warfare.
    Honestly, I like this game alot. But yes, PvP looks dead.
    I really really feel this game needs alot of upgrades and updates. Plus do some PR on the game. I believe some gamer uninstalled and totally forgotten about this game.

    WG is launching new tank game : CW Project

    So now War Thunder, Tank Company and the legendary WOT PC. Would be sad if Armored Warfare losing out and for sure will totally exited the tank gaming competition.

    Armored Warfare also used to be on mobile. But no more… 🙁

    • Yeah..i agree. This is why i covered it, because it’s good, but underdeveloped. I posted a match playing CW Project yesterday too, will do some first impressions later this week. There’s a place for all these games on the market, or so i feel. But they need to be updated, constantly.

    • i played this game in 2020, only problem i had was high ping. Tried every things, nothing work, so i quit.

    • @@balnguyen6934from what i know, and i hope i don’t talk rubbish.. i think they merged the servers, or did something similar. Perhaps that has something to do with your ping.

  3. my only issues with this game back then were high ping and lack of players, hope Modern Warships gonna fair better when they put out tanks mode

  4. I usually only play PvP on all the similar games, but this one had a fantastic PvE mode. Now it is just dead

  5. Good game, I still play it. I am from Europe, so ping is no problem, most of players have names in cyrilic, the location is not very favorable to US (and also playing when Europe sleeps or works means lower population).

    Arty rework is cool, splash is negligible, but module damage is massive and penetrating 1700+ hits with Centauro 155 are very satysfying. They also do a lot of damage to MBTs from front (~700 per shot, which is nice in PvE where sometimes you don’t want or cannot flank).

    I am hopeful that the game will be profitable enough to keep on life support (more premium vehicles, drones and we had even new progression ones – T8 and 9 T-80s). It would really benefit from some focused development, graphics are functional, but it is an 8 year old game and there are bugs that the devs no longer care about.

  6. At least the PC version works all the time. You go to the xbox version and we are missing 80% of the whole game and it someimtes goes with long periods of just not working.

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